How to Receive Funds Walmart2Walmart in Nigeria

Receive Fund In Nigeria Using Walmart2Walmart Payment Methods

Before we move further in this article, Let me simply explain ”How walmart2walmart works

What is Walmart2Warmart?

Walmart2walmart is a Payment methods that was launched in 2014 with aim to serve the unbanked population in the US. This service is powered by RIA money transfer company to send money seamlessly within the US and her territories.
RIA is an online money transfer money transfer company that serves low cost currency exchange services in more than 140 countries.
With Walmart2walmart, You can send money to any walmart store in the US, including Puerto Rico. also, you can receive money from any walmart store store in the US including Puerto Rico.
Now that I’ve guide you through how walmart2walmart works, I think we should proceed to the basic topics of what brought you to this blog post.

How to Receive Fund in Nigeria Using Walmart2Walmart

As I explained above, Walmart2walmart is only based in the US, But there must be a way for Nigerian. 
The method I’m talking about is a simple way to receive fund from abroad using walmart2walmart option. Before you can use this method, You must have a person in the US to receive or cashout the money for you the walmart store and the person will later send the money to you in the way you want to receive the money. Yah confused right? don’t get worried. below is the explanations
  1. Tell the person that want to send you money to visit a walmart store near him/her
  2. give the address of your receiver to the person that want to send you money.
  3. A store helper will help your sender find a appropriate walmart store location that is most convenient for your receiver.
  4. Tell your sender to pay the transfer amount and fees using either credit or debit cards or pay in US dollars.
  5. The money will be available at the receiver’s location in a minimum of 10minutes.
  6. Tell your sender to send you the reference number of the transaction, as this will be used to track the money.
As you see, it quite simple to receive money in Nigeria using walmart2walmart. All You have to do is to follow the procedure lined above to process your cash out. Thanks for visiting and please subscribe to this blog for more updates about walmart2walmart and walmart Gift Cards.

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