Flutterwave POS: Price, Charges, Commission and How to Own in Nigeria (Updated 2023)

flutterwave pos

Flutterwave POS Agent ,charges and dashboard

Flutterwave POS app is the best agency banking app in Nigeria. Its very easy to use and give cheaper rate than any other mobile money app.

Here are what you will learn in this article, you can jump to each section by clicking on it.

What is Flutterwave POS app

Flutterwave POS app is an Android POS machine that is used by agent to provide financial service to the community.
The POS accept all bank cards in Nigeria, making it to be one of the best POS machine in Nigeria. And also making it to be a perfect solution for businesses and individual willing to start accepting payment via POS.
As an agent, flutterwave POS app is good for your business, it provide many offers and cash back on every transaction done on it.
Flutterwave POS is certified by central bank of Nigeria(CBN), it can be connected to office or home WiFi, or mobile phone hotspot for internet connection. You can also insert a sim card to it for internet connection.

How to become flutterwave POS agent

To become a flutterwave POS agent is pretty simple. All you have to do is go to Google play store, search for flutterwave POS app and install it to your android phone.
Create account with you correct information and begin to serve your customers.

Flutterwave POS commission

In the area of commissions, flutterwave POS app is the best. Their agent enjoy high commission rate on every transaction done on the POS. See the list of commission rate offers provided by flutterwave
  •       3% commission for airtime top up
  •       1% commission for DSTV subscription
  •       1% commission for GOTV subscription
  •       2% commission for Star times subscription
  •       1% commission for electricity(for every 2,500 subscription)
  •       50 Naira commission for every mobile account opening
  •       1000Naira commission for issue MasterCard ATM
  •       50Naira commission for issue Fund MasterCard ATM
As you can see, flutterwave POS commission is at good rate for every agent to use.

Flutterwave POS charges

Flutterwave POS charges as low as 1.4% locally and 3.8% internationally.

Where to download flutterwave POS app

Kindly visit Google play store, search for flutterwave POS app and install the app on your mobile phone.
App Info 
  • Downloads: 5,000+
  • Download size: 9.48mb
  • offered by:  flutterwave inc
  • Released on:  September 7, 2020

How to request for flutterwave POS android machine

Buy and request for your flutterwave POS android machine at bosnata. Here is the store URL https://flutterwave.com/store/bosnatastore/egep3dztsbon
The store is recommended by flutterwave company.

How much is flutterwave POS android machine

Flutterwave POS machine price is NGN 145,000.00
Flutterwave did not offer free POS machine.

How does flutterwave POS work

Flutterwave POS is feature of flutterwave, its certified by CBN. They claim the purpose to provide financial service to the customers.
As an agent you can make a lot of money using flutterwave POS agency.
With flutterwave, you will be able to:
  •       Transfer money to all banks
  •       Withdraw money from customers using their bank ATM cards
  •       Issue and load ATM cards to customer
  •       Pay utility bills
  •       Sell airtime
  •      Pay TV subscription
  The most amazing offer among this option is that, you will be able to sell plane ticket to customer.
Also, you will be able to get instant settlement on all your transactions.
flutterwave POS also have a dedicated customer service to attend to your issues.

What people say about flutterwave POS

Flutterwave review: According to me, flutterwave POS is among the best banking agency app in Nigeria. Its commission rate is superb for POS agent. As a small business owner, you can consider it as part of your working tools.
Use flutterwave POS to accept payment in your store. Please let’s hear from you in the comments box. Give out you opinion about flutterwave POS.

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