How To Become a Paga Agent and Benefits

How to become a Paga agent

How to become a Paga Agent and Benefits

Today, I’m going to share with you, how to become Paga agent in Nigeria. Before I dive into the primary purpose of this article, below are what we are going to discuss in this article, you can click jump to the content.

What Is Paga?

Paga is a mobile payment company that focus on building an ecosystem that enables people to digitally send and receive money. Paga makes easy and simple financial transacting access for everyone.
Paga is getting more popular in financial business in Nigeria as they have over 17,203,386 customer and more than 27,388 agents in Nigeria. It was found in year 2009 and publicly launched in 2011 by Tayo.
Paga is a mobile payment platform and it also offer normal banking services like savings account, Merchant services{like current accounts} and Wire transfer.
Benefit of Using Paga App
Paga was introduced to Nigeria for the purpose of creating a means whereby financial services are available to all. As we all know that the banking sector in Nigeria is not easily accessible to everyone.
With Paga mobile app, You can perform the following transaction on it
  1. Pay bills
  2. transfer money
  3. receive money
  4. Airtime top up
  5. Deposit and save money
  6. Make payment to retailers
Paga partner with money agents such as western union, Where by western money transfer sent to Paga user will be deposited in in Paga account.
In fact, you can access Paga via USSD code by dialing *242# on your mobile if you don’t access to internet.
Paga has numerous mobile money agent terminal across the country where its agents provide financial services to customers.

How to send money to Paga wallets in Nigeria with WorldRemit?

Partnering of Paga and WorldRemit makes it easy to send money to Paga wallet in Nigeria. All you need to do is:
  1. Visit WorldRemit homepage and select Nigeria
  2. Select mobile money as the preferred service
  3. Enter the amount you wish to send
After that, you will be directed to where you will create an account if you don’t have an account with worldremit. So, after creating an account,
  1. Enter the recipient information [select or add a new person by inputting: Full name, Address, Paga wallet, contact phone number of your recipient]
  2. then make the transfer.
Please, be ensure your recipients details are all correct to avoid delays in payment. You and your recipient will be notified when the transaction in completed.

How does Paga work?

As I said recently, Paga is mobile money company that allows transacting money between friends and families, both locally and internationally. The international process is done with the help of WorldRemit. Once you have an account, you can receive, deposit, transfer, save money, purchase Airtime, pay utilities bill and make payment to retailers. Paga work on both website and Paga App.

How to become a Paga Agent

Paga Agent Network has been a huge help for small business owners in Nigeria for years,  Alot of commissions is earned. Paga have more than 27,388 agent across Nigeria. Since Paga is a large company, they are always in need of agents, and this might be your chance to startup your own small business and earn some extra cash.

How to become a Paga Agent? [Paga registration form]

Page agent registration form is very simple and doesn’t take time, to register as an agent on Paga website, below are guides on how to become a paga agent.
  1. Go to Paga website
  2. There a lot of valuable content on the home  page and you have to select “become an agent” to get started.
  3. Scroll down to the footer of the page and select FAQ option as shown in the image below👇
    how to become a paga agent step 1
  4. When you get the page, scroll down till you see “getting started (agent)” and click “how do I become an agent”.
  5. On the page, you will see them telling you that ” simply send an email to

So, you can simply become a paga agent by following the below screen shot.

After completing the process by sending an email, a local representative of Paga from your area will get in tough with you and guide you through the process.

What is my commission as a Paga agent?

As a Paga agent, you will earn commission for every transaction made on the app. Paga agent receive commission for every transaction perfumed, plus other bonuses and incentives. The more transaction you perfume the more money you earn.

Benefits of becoming a Paga Agent

Benefits of Paga agent – As a Paga agent, you will have access to provide financial support to your communities and earn from it. Also, you will be able to register new customer, offer help to customers and helps customer move their money safely to their desire destination. Becoming Paga agent and joining the network can help you start your own successful business and earn a living from it.
Make some cool money as a Paga agent, with Paga payment system, you can become a successful Paga agent and win a chance to earn some money.
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