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Basically, In my last post, I talked about “how to become a Paga agent”. But toady, I will discuss term ”how does works? With Justpaga, you can request money from anyone, anywhere on Paga mobile App or

In today’s article, I will describe everything you need to know about

I will talked about

How to set up page

How works is a feature in Paga that allow all its user to request money from anyone, anywhere in the world. Its a unique payment page on Paga. This can be access on the web version of Paga and on Paga mobile app

How to create page?

As I said earlier, its a unique payment page, it allow you to receive payment from anyone, anywhere.

  1. Download Paga app on Google play store or Apple store
  2. Create and open Paga account. Note: you can enter my coupon code 1992379967 when doing the registration of account, we will both be rewarded after a complete transaction on Paga account
  3. On your dashboard, click on request to set up your page.
  4. Complete the set up by providing the required document and information needed
  5. verify your email address.
the illustration image description is shown below account set up
How works?
  1. Share your link to your requestee
  2. A request notification will be sent to him/her to pay you via Paga wallet, debit or credit cards or pay you through bank
  3. After the payment has been completed, you will receive an instant credit alert to your Paga wallet
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