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MioPOS Mobile Pay App: Receive Bank Cards and Paypal Terminal Payments

MioPOS is a Paypal terminal Payment

MioPOS is a bank credit or debit card and Paypal terminal/mobile pay app for mobile device that can be used to accept any kinds of banks card and Paypal payment from your customer or friends anywhere in the world.

As a Paypal user in Nigeria that don’t have opportunity to accept Paypal payment, MioPOS is the new gateway to start accepting Paypal payment around the world.

MioPOS fixed force Paypal window to forget all data from previous transaction (reset user). That is, the money received from customer Paypal account cannot be traced.

MioPOS app is available on Google play store, Download it with just 3,720.00Naira only. The app isn’t free.

How MioPOS works

Firstly, download and install the app. If you have Paypal account, Create an account with your Paypal account. But if you don’t have Paypal account, visit to create one.

After signing up with your Paypal account, Select your preferred currency and login to your MioPOS dashboard to start making payments.

MioPOS app info

Downloads:   10+

App size:   21.50

Offered by:   Clickroom LTD

Released on:   July 14, 2020


Start receiving Paypal payment and banks ATM cards using MioPOS mobile pay app..

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