Patricia Launched New P2P Withdrawal Feature

Patricia row out P2P withdrawal

 Patricia launched new P2P withdrawal features on beta testing. Since Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) ban cryptocurrency and its activities in Nigeria, All cryptos platform have been affected. Because CBN said any banks that is caught involved in the exchange of cryptocurrency with naira will lose their license.

Patricia as a largest bitcoin and gift card trading platform in Nigeria had issues with withdrawal. Many of its user, including me were affected. I complaint for several weeks before I could cash out my money on their platform when I traded gift cards.

Now, the question is, why can’t I cash out my money when I traded gift card on Patricia? I know that many of us keep asking our self that question, we said CBN ban bitcoin not gift card trading. Yes the fact is when CBN ban cryptos trading with naira, all banks involved in exchange of cryptos were affected.

Most of these banks are online banking agency.(platform). And most of them are powered by one giant commercial bank in Nigeria, Providus bank.

Providus bank is a commercial bank in Nigeria, they are the largest cryptocurrency exchanger among Nigeria’s bank. Also they powered most virtual account in Nigeria.

What is virtual account

Virtual account is an online banking account create on a finance platform, like your account number on Patricia.

So, Providus bank that power most virtual account in Nigeria and also trade cryptocurrency were affected by CBN memo.

All the Online banks, mobile payment, agency banking, online payment platforms that have their virtual account powered by providus bank will sure have problem during the CBN memo.

So, that’s exactly what happened to Patricia, they had serious issues immediately Providus bank that power their virtual account has been destabilized by CBN memo(bitcoin ban).

Every user at Patricia too were affected by this catastrophe caused by central banks of Nigeria.

Patricia Row Out a New P2P (person to person) Withdrawal Feature

Too many complain on their website, social media page, complain ticket emails and all that…..

Patricia decides to launch another payment gateway to its users after CBN ban cryptocurrency. thanks to Patricia for that. But with the new payment gateway rowed out, many still complain. Why/

Simply because there are too long deley before you can credited. 

When I place a withdrawal using the P2P feature, Its take Patricia 6 days to get my bank account credited, even when its has already been successful in their dashboard.

Patricia apologized for delays and inconvenient her user is experiencing.

Well the delay still continue….., Patricia have not get back to her feet. And this is causing them to loss more customers. As for me, I don’t use the platform again to trade gift cards until all the issues is resolved.

I think Patricia now partner with Globus bank because the alert I received, was from Globus bank.

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