Send or Transfer Money from UK to Nigeria

 Are you Looking for a save and fast way to send money to your friends and family in Nigeria from UK? Or in some cases, Your question doesn’t go with the right here☝☝.But don’t worry, I got you covered.

In this Article, I will teach you method you can use to send money to Nigeria from UK, And this method also cover for questions like those once below👇

how to send money to Nigeria from UK | how can I receive money from England | how do I transfer money to Nigeria bank account from UK | What is the easiest way to send money to Nigeria | how can I send money western union from UK to Nigeria | Best option to send money from UK to Nigeria | Fastest way to send money to Nigeria from UK

With all those questions above, I will provide one solutions to it. All you have to do is to sit back and read to the end of this definitive tutorial. Now lets pick a topics out of all.

How to send Money to Nigeria from UK

Send fund from UK to Nigeria
There is only one App I know that can do that so fast and easy to use. In this article, I will review this App to you. I use this App every time I to receive money from abroad, especially from my vendors in Hong kong. Hope you know where that is? Well, I’m a gift card dealer, I buy and trade Gift cards at good rate, visit my trade page for more info about that…….

In the next section of this article, I will review to you ”how to use Chipper Cash App to receive money from UK to Nigeria”

Send or Transfer Money from UK to Nigeria using Chipper Cash App

Chipper cash is a borderless payment option for Africa and UK. With Chipper cash, you can send and receive money in anywhere they functions, that is to say, It will be easy to transfer money from UK to Nigeria.
When you create an account with Chipper cash App, you will be given an account number and a Chipper cash tag. The account Number contain your country commercial bank account details and it can only be used to receive money anywhere within your country.
But the Chipper cash tag, can be used to receive money from everywhere Chipper cash operate in. below are countries where Chipper cash operate in👇, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzanian, Rwandan, and UK.

Steps to send Money from UK to Nigeria through Chipper Cash App

  1. Tell your sender to create an account with Chipper Cash app and fill in the required form
  2. You too create an account if you haven’t create one and also fill in the required form
  3. Send your Chipper cash tag or phone number to your sender
  4. When your send the money, it will automatically add up to your chipper cash wallet
  5. Then you can cash out to your local bank account
As you can see, it easy and simple. When your sender send the money, Immediately, it will be added up to your Chipper cash wallet and you can then transfer to your local bank account.
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