Best Mobile Banking App in Nigeria [2022 Rated]

best online mobile banking app in Nigeria

Hello, In this article, I had discussed best online mobile banking app. When I’m talking about online banking app, I don’t mean Local bank app such as Fidelity Online Banking, Zenith bank mobile app, Ecobank App or UBA Mobile Banking. But banks without physical branch such as; Chipper cash App, Kuda mobile banking, Lemonade Finance, Paga  and Opay.

Top 5 Online Mobile Banking App In Nigeria

Below are the top 5 best online mobile banking app in Nigeria in 2022
Before I totally dive fully into the article,
What is Online Mobile Banking? – Is a type of bank that all its activities [such as sending and receiving money] is done online. No physical bank is needed.

Chipper cash App [#1 Online Mobile Banking App In Nigeria]

Chipper cash is a trusted and secure cross border online mobile payment  for African and UK. It operate in Seven countries [Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa and Kenya] in Africa and in UK. It was found in San Francisco by Ham Serunjogi [an Ugandan] and Maijid Moujaled [a Ghanaian] in 2018.
With Chipper cash, You will be able to send and receive funds seamlessly with no fees required. Money transfer to other African countries will be done instantly [ and for free] on chipper cash app. Asides
money transacting, paying of bills such as Airtime top up, Internet subscriptions, Cable TV and Electricity bills can also be done on it.

Is Chipper cash app safe?

Chipper cash is a safe and secure online mobile banking app that support borderless payment with seven Africa countries and one country in Europe [United Kingdom].
To use chipper cash in Nigeria, you have verify your phone number, do face verification and BVN updates.
Download Chipper cash app for Android
Download Chipper cash app fop IOS

Kuda Mobile Banking [#2 Online Mobile Banking App In Nigeria]

Kuda is the first online-only mobile bank in Nigeria lisenced by Central Bank of Nigeria[CBN], It was found by Babs ogundeyi and Mustapha Musty in 2016 known as Kudimoney.
Kuda Bank meets their customers need where by all banking transactions will be carried out online [Kuda Mobile App] without having to visit a physical branch.
kuda bank is not just another savings banking app or mobile wallet, but an actual and standard bank like GTbank, FCMB, Zenith bank…. The bank’s deposit are insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation[NDIC].

Lemonade Finance [#3 Online Mobile Banking App In Nigeria]

Lemonade is a cross-border payment app for Africans countries like Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. It’s a borderless online mobile payment app for African and Abroad, currently available in Nigeria, UK and Canada.


Lemonade app will provide you free bank account you can use to receive money from your friends and family.  You can receive payment from business partner with instant settlement at ZERO fees.
With lemonade app finance app, you can send money to any Nigeria banks, buy airtime and pay bills at amazing discounts.
The most amazing things about lemonade finance is that all the transaction done on the app is free, No hidden fees.

Paga [#4 Online Mobile Banking App In Nigeria]

Paga is a leading online payments and mobile money business that makes it simple for people access and use money electronically and digitally through their mobile devices.
Paga is a mobile payment platform and it also offer normal banking services like savings account, Merchant services{like current accounts} and Wire transfer.
Benefit of Using Paga App
Paga was introduced to Nigeria for the purpose of creating a means whereby financial services are available to all. As we all know that the banking sector in Nigeria is not easily accessible to everyone.
With Paga mobile app, You can perform the following transaction on it
  1. Pay bills
  2. transfer money
  3. receive money
  4. Airtime top up
  5. Deposit and save money
  6. Make payment to retailers
Paga partner with money agents such as western union, Where by western money transfer sent to Paga user will be deposited in in Paga account.
In fact, you can access Paga via USSD code by dialing *242# on your mobile if you don’t access to internet.

OPay [#5 Online Mobile Banking App In Nigeria]

Opay is an Opera mini browser mobile payment app own by a chinese and it’s designed to make convenient payment anywhere through their mobile app or web.


OPay is a mobile money agent owned by opera mini, a chinese company that also owned opera news. Opay is now known as one of the best mobile money app in Nigeria.

Final Say

These are top 5 best online mobile banking app in Nigeria that you can simply consider using in 2022.
Chipper Cash App
Kuda Mobile Banking
Lemonade Finance
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