Top 6 Profitable Online Business To Start in 2021

There are lots of profitable online business you could probably start online as an individual or as a student. 

You’ve being surfing the internet for easy to start online business? You’ve gone through countless online business ideas in your head and you imagined how your life will be if you quit your job and make money online.

Yes, you could travel round the world with ease, Studied anywhere as a student, even create a better life for your self presently and future and achieve financial freedom.

Well, you could achieve all of those not by mouth but by dedications and hard work. In this article, I will highlight 6 online business ideals to get you started, So, do more research on them to know the one that will be good for you..

image showing profitable online business in 2021

Here Is Our List Of  6 Online Business Ideals In 2021:

Digital Marketing

Start a Blog

Start an Affiliate Marketing

Set Up an E-Commerce Site

Become a Youtuber

Start a Dropshipping Business

Digital Marketing [#1 Profitable Online Business Ideal 2021]

Digital Marketing as the name implies, is a commercial marketing that involves promoting of products digitally[by influencing, blogging, vlogging, Facebook Ads, Affiliating and any other means of promoting products digitally].
I can say Digital Marketing is a good business to start in 2021, it’s a better marketing that has taken many from poverty.

How Digital Marketing Works?

So many companies out there that need to sell/promote their products online will introduce an Affiliate program, through this program, you can sign up and help them promote their products through their affiliate link given to you.[that’s another way to start a profitable online business].You can also sell your Affiliate link via Social media, Paid Ads, Facebook Ads, and lots more, All these are called Digital Marketing.

How to Start Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one the profitable online business ideal to make money online in 2021. You can start by promoting products through blogging, vlogging[Youtube], social media marketing, paid Ads[Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads], Video Advertisement, Tv show, Internet Marketing etc…

Start a Blog [#2 Profitable Online Business Ideal 2021]

Starting a blog is a great way to make money online,. especially as a student. You could start it as a side hustle when you’re school or as a supporting business as an individual.

How to Start a Blog

There are many platform that support start a blog for free, freemium or paid. 
Free Blogging Platform: Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Quora
Freemium  Blogging Platform: Dropbox, Wix,, Weebly, Joomla, Squarespace
Paid Blogging Platform:
Among all, only two are most popular and That’s is what I will describe most in this article.

Google Blogger[Blogspot]

Its is free blogging platform offered by Google LLC. You can create a free blog. Free and designative template are available to support your creativities. Blogger will give your free sub-domain.blogspot .com. With blogger, You can start a profitable online business for free.


There are two main wordpress platform you can start with, and The dot com is a platform that allow you start a blog for free and later pay to upgrade it. Dot org is a self hosted platform offered by wordpress, you will have to buy the wordpress hosting from recommended companies such as Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy before you can  start a blog.

How to Monetize your Blog [Make Money Blogging 2021]

Here, I will highlight some of the ways to make money blogging
  1. Do Affiliate Marketing on your Blog
  2. Sell traffic
  3. Sell products on your Blog
  4. Implement Ads Network Program [Google AdSense]
  5. Sell E-books
  6. Sell Courses
  7. Do Email Marketing
  8. Do Products Reviews
  9. Secure Sponsorship
  10. Sell Digital Products
  11. Do Video Advertisement

Factors that Promote Blogging

  1. Work better on SEO
  2. Use a responsive template that suit your niche
  3. Focus on a Niche
  4. Do keywords Research
  5. Know your competitors
  6. Do backlinks
  7. Write a high quality blog post

Start Affiliate Marketing [#3 Profitable Online Business 2021]

Fortunately, the internet has provide a plethora of new and unique opportunities to making money online. Definitely, Affiliate Marketing is one of them, a source of passive income for online business in 2021.
Affiliate Marketing is a program by which an online merchant  pay commission for every sales generated by you to the merchant store.

How does Affiliate Marketing works?

In Affiliate Marketing, three main objective is involved, the merchant, the affiliate and the consumer. 
The Affiliate is you that generate sales to the merchant store and you get a reward for that.
Affiliate Marketing, when executed perfectly, its will be a source of passive income and a profitable online business.

Types of Affiliates [Niche]

  1. Review site
  2. Bloggers site
  3. Shopping site
  4. Webmaster
  5. Leads generation
  6. News and media site
  7. Selling course
  8. Email affiliating
  9. Search affiliating

Affiliate Marketing Networks

Here are types of affiliate marketing network you can based on your niche
  1. Amazon Associate
  2. ShareAsale Network
  3. Click banks
  4. Ebay Affiliate
  5. Ali Express
  6. Target Affiliate 
  7. Viglink Affiliate
  8. Skimlink Affiliate
  9. Cj panel
  10. Rakulen Affiliate

Setup an E-commerce Site [#4 Profitable Online Business 2021]

What is E-commerce website?

It can simply be define as an online store, it is where you set up and show case your products. Ali express is one of the biggest example of an e-commerce website.
Shopify is a great tools to set up online store.
With little capital, you could own a profitable online business by engaging in setting up an online store.

Start a YouTube Channel [#5 Profitable Online Business 2021]

YouTube is a video platform offered by Google LLC. With Youtube, you can start an easy online business and make money by simply doing’
  1. Products review
  2. YouTube Partner Program
  3. Affiliate Marketing

YouTube Products Review

This is a simple way to start a profitable online business by talking about others peoples products in your videos. You will put the product affiliate link in the description of the video, so that your viewers will be able to access the product, When your viewers made a purchase, you will be rewarded.

YouTube Partner Program

When you reach minimum requirement set by YouTube: 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours view watch, you will be able to put advertisement on your videos.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

As I said earlier, YouTube Affiliate Marketing is similar to that of YouTube Products Reviews. You also put your product referrer link to your video description.
All this is interesting right? But I want you to know that will only earn when you have a large engagement YouTube Channel

Start a Dropshipping Business [#6 Profitable Online Business]

What is Dropshipping Business?

Dropshipping is an online store[e-commerce website] that doesn’t need to keep products in stock but deliver products to customer by ordering it from another large and cheaper online store[Ali Express]
Ali Express is the best tools for Dropshipping website. Your set up your own online store,  edit and upload products and your prices on it, so, when customer buy your products, you will have to re-order it from your produce store[merchant store]. 
Ali Express offered some plugin for installing and editing products to your store.

Conclusions; I just explained Top 6 Profitable Online Business to start in 2021, which are

Digital Marketing

Start a Blog

Start an Affiliate Marketing

Set Up an E-Commerce Site

Become a Youtuber

Start a Dropshipping Business

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