Flutterwave Store: Free Woocommerce Site to Sell Products

how to set up Flutterwave store
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Flutterwave Store: Free E-commerce Site to Sell Products

Flutterwave store is an woocommerce store that let you launch and manage an e-commerce business that accept payments from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t require any skills like web-design and coding. 

Flutterwave store allow you upload products, set prices and integrate some API for delivery partners pick up when you have an order and deliver to your customer.

How does Flutterwave Store work?

Here’s are how to set up Flutterwave store works:
1. Firstly, your need to create a Flutterwave account. If you have one already, sign into your dashboard.
2. Click on the menu at the left of the dashboard and select “store”.
3. On the store page, click on “set up my store”.
4. Now, set up your store by editing your store name, description, url, and add products.
5. Voolaa! you store is up and ready to sell to the world.

Flutterwave Store Reviews

Flutterwave store is an ultimate e-commerce solution for Africa. It’s also a safe and legit platform, no scam involved. You’ll be allowed to set an online store with ready made integrated payment methods to accept payment from your customers.
It’s seamless and easy, you’ll be able to start running it in a minute.

Flutterwave Store Limitations

Flutterwave store has no limitation and boundaries, as long as you’re merchant, you can use the store free, easy and seamless.
Create your flutterwave account and set your Flutterwave store from your dashboard.

How to receive payment on Flutterwave store with Flutterwave mobile App

You can download the Flutterwave mobile app for receiving payment on your store. The of using this mobile app is that, it can accepts more payment than the physical POS.
You can also track, fulfilled and pending orders, add new products and check your balance directly on the Flutterwave app.


Flutterwave store is one of the amazing products of Flutterwave. Set your store and sell to the world. Additionally, accept payment on your store worldwide. 

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