Paystack Payment Gateway Company Profiles and reviews

Paystack is a payment gateway that makes it easy for merchants to accept credit and debit cards payment online from their users or customers. Merchant integrate payment codes from their Paystack account dashboard to their websites or online store to accept credit and debit cards from their customers any where in the world.

Paystack Nigeria

Paystack headquarters in located in Lagos, Nigeria

It was founded in 2015 by Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi.

Stripe is a parent organization of Paystack that’s why people ask the terms Stripe Paystack.

In this post, I’ll discuss with you

How does Paystack works

Paystack works for merchants in many ways. The main important of Paystack is that its helps merchants accept payment from their customers on their website and online store.

How does it works

With paystack, you will be able accept payment via
  1. Bank transfer- this option will be visible at paystack checkout, Zenith or Providus account number will be instant generated to which you can make a bank transfer payment.
  2. Credit or debit cards
  3. USSD Codes
  4. QR
  5. Mobile Money
This is how Paystack works, by helping merchants accept payment through those methods mentioned above.

Paystack payment gateway in website

Paystack payment gateway is a modernize integrated codes provided for merchants to implement in areas where payment will be done. And when user or customer make payment through the integrated payment gateway, the money will appear in your paystack dashboard.
Additionally, you can choose whether your customer should be directed to another web-page after making the payment. This option is good for merchants that sell downloadable online stuffs.
Paystack has been a great monetization gateway for many developers in Africa who create apps or build small business around their ideals, without going through the tedious business registration.

If your question is “how to integrate Paystack payment gateway in website”, that means you have to be specific in what area or type of website you would like to integrate the payment gate way.
For Example, Paystack payment gateeway can be integrated on website such as;
  1. HTML and CSS websites [ eg Blogger ]
  2. BigCommerce websites
  3. WordPress websites
  4. Shopify websites or stores
  5. WooCommerce websites
  6. SquareSpace
  7. Drupal-Ubercart
  8. Joomla-virtumart
However, your questions maybe “How to integrate Paystack Payment gateway” in any of those websites mentioned above.
Depending on your questions, you can contact me https;// for more explanations.

How to withdraw your money from Paystack

Wait.. you proceeded simply because you want to know how to withdraw from Paystack, but before you can withdraw your money from paystack account, you’ll need to add your local bank account numbers. And the most important notice you have to take care off is , your Paystack account must be upgraded from start account to business account before you will be able to transfer or withdraw from your account.

How do I withdraw or transfer from my Paystack account

1. Firstly, login to your paystack account and click on transfer page at the left corner of your dashboard.
2. Then click on “New Transfer” tab, near the top corner of the page. After that you’ll be presented such as the page below where you can fill in your necessary information.
paystack withdraw image descriptions

3. After that, input the  amount you wish to transfer, bank name, bank account and account name where it’s required.
4. However, Email address, transfer note and transfer reference are not compulsory but you can add them to it for further detailed transfer receipt.
4. so, after you’ve completed the required field, procced by clicking on “Start transfer”
Note; Nigeria and Ghana are the countries which are allowed to use transfer page on Paystack. These countries withdraw with different transfer charges as listed below.
Ghana transfer charges
GHS10 per transfer. No maxmum amount 
Nigeria transfer charges
  • N10 fees for N5,000 and below
  • N25 fees for N5,001 to N50,000
  • N50 fees for N50,001 and above.

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