Virtual Bank Account Recommended For 2021

how to create virtual account


A Virtual bank account is a banking account created online to access banking activities and related services without actually going to the physical bank branch in person. Virtual account works like local bank account, you’ll be able to pay online, check account details, secure loan, deposit money and withdraw money.

Virtual card is an online debit/credit card that can only be used one for purchases. This card is rather linked to your virtual account or you purchase money to it for spending.
In this article, I’ve discussed some free virtual account you can open to carry out your online transaction seamlessly.
Here 👇 are the free virtual account you can open;

Kuda bank

Kuda bank-get a virtual account
Kuda is the first mobile-only bank in Nigeria, and it can also be called a virtual bank because all its activities is done online. It’s licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. With his mobile banking app, you enjoy zero card maintenance fees, free transfer, automatic savings, up-to 15% interest every year.

Kuda bank is fully licensed by Central Bank Of Nigeria [CBN] and deposits insured by Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation [NDIC].

Features of Kuda Bank

Kuda virtual account offers;
  1. Kuda Naira MasterCard
  2. Cardless Withdrawal
  3. Kuda Naira Virtual card
  4. Kuda Verve debit card
  5. Bank App
  6. Payment link and web payment
  7. Kuda overdraft loan

 Chipper Cash

chipper cash-get a virtual account
Chipper cash is a cross border virtual bank and mobile money app that works across Africa and now in UK. With Chipper cash, You can send and receive money instantly. It’s a borderless payment options for Africa countries and in the United Kingdom as well.

Features of Chipper cash

Chipper cash virtual account offers;
  1. To send money within Africa and Uk
  2. Pay utilities bill
  3. Buy airtime and data
  4. Save and invest
  5. Earning
  6. Request money
  7. Add money
  8. Invest in Cryptocurrency
  9. Chipper cash tag
  10. Chipper cash wallet


OPay-get a free virtual account
Opay is a virtual mobile-based platform for payment [send and receive money], pay bills, transportation, food and order grocery services.

Features of OPay

OPay virtual account offers;
  1. Payment [send and receiving money online]
  2. OPay POS
  3. OPay App
  4. Web Services
  5. OPera Payment Wallet
  6. OPay credit me
  7. OPay Investment

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