How to become a moniepoint agent/aggregator In 2023

Become a moniepoint agent

How to become a Moniepoint agent or aggregator.

To become a moniepoint agent shouldn’t be something hard. In this article, I will share with you how to become a successful moniepoint agent without hassle.
Before I dive into the primary reason of this article, quickly review this moniepoint article. Moniepoint: trusted and secure mobile money agency


Here 👇are what I’m going to share with you 

What is Moniepoint Agency

Moniepoint is the most trusted and reliable mobile money agency banking in Nigeria. In fact, Moniepoint company has became the largest mobile money platform in Nigeria which is well known for his point of sale (POS) services.

Moniepoint POS machine

Moniepoint offers fast and secure POS terminal. I’m going to share with in this article how to get your moniepoint point of sale (POS) machine. Just keep reading.
The amazing aspect about moniepoint POS terminal is that; when customer get debited and moniepoint agent doesn’t get credited, the agent will contact the customers service, and they will have direct conversation with the card owner’s bank for reversal. ASAP! the money will be refunded to the customer account.

How to become a moniepoint agent

As I said earlier, to become a moniepoint aggregator is very easy, all you have to do is to visit moniepoint website and sign up using their agent registration form
Submit all the required documents and wait for them to contact you. You’ll be contacted within 48hrs, either by email or call.
After the verification and approval, you can visit moniepoint log in and login to your dashboard.

How to get/apply for moniepoint POS machine

To get a moniepoint POS machine, there are some necessary information you’ll be required to submit in the agent registration form.
Moniepoint will need your personal information before you can be offer a free POS. Such Info’s are; your names, date of birth(DOB), Email, Phone number, username, mother maiden name, two address line, city and country.
Note: you must have a physical location for your POS terminal before requesting for moniepoint POS machine.


Moniepoint is a trusted and reliable mobile money agency banking in Nigeria that offer free POS machine for her agent. Moniepoint agent provides financial service through moniepoint POS terminal.

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