How to check credit card statement online

check credit card statement online tutorial

 How to check credit card statement online

What is credit card statement

A credit card statement is an online financial information that contains credit card transaction history which is been manage by the cardholder. Nowadays, technology has increasingly emerged online credit card statement for cardholder to manage their single transaction transaction history.

How to check credit card statement online

To access your credit card statement online, follow the the steps I analyzed below;

1. Create an online account via your card issuer’s website

Every credit card issuer must have an online access. If you obtain your credit card through bank or any financial organizations, you will be able to access your card through your card issuer website.
If you don’t know your card issuer website, check the back of the credit card for the issuer web address where you can create an online account.

2. Submit your required information

Creating an online account may require you to submit some vital identification information such as;
  • Your bank account number if available
  • Your credit card numbers
  • credit card CVV
  • The expiring date
  • Security PIN
  • Your correct name if necessary
  • Phone number
  • billing address
You’ll also be required to create username and password to access your account in the future.

3. Get your credit card statement online via registered email

This another method you can use to access your credit card statement online. Banks or card issuers usually send card statement to the registered email address of the cardholder of the same date of every month. This is known as billing date.

Benefit of having access to credit card statement online

  1. It will keep on top of your account. As you will be able to see and manage every single transaction go on in the card.
  2. Making payment will be easy via your access to online account
  3. You’ll be able to see current outstanding balance in your card
  4. You’ll be able to manage reward and offer such as cashback after buying goods online.
  5. In conjunction, you’ll have access to your account summary which include: opening balance, payment/credit, finance charge, purchase/debit and total dues.

In conclusion

It is a good ideal to have access to your credit card statement online or via email, as it helps in keeping track of how you are making use of your credit card.

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