6 mobile credit card processing apps, reader, mPOS app and scanner for your business in 2022


6 Apps, readers and scanners for mobile credit card processing apps.


In this article, I’ll share with you mobile credit card processing apps and how to find best credit card deals.
If you’re a merchant, you’ll be able to sell to your customers at shop or anywhere you meet with mobile credit card app and a reader. 

What is Mobile credit card apps, readers or scanners?

A mobile credit card reader is a mini computer or an electronic device that is connected to mobile point of sale (mPOS) system to accept credit and debit cards.
Card readers are use mostly by merchants to accept payment from their customers in stores, supermarket, eatery, or anywhere they meet.
A mobile card app is an android software that is used on phone or tablet to manage mPOS transactions system.

What is mPOS system?

A mobile point of sale (mPOS) is a smartphone or tablet based system that uses android software to execute business transactions like traditional POS terminal.
Mobile card app can also be called mobile point of sale (mPOS).

Difference between a mobile credit card app reader and mPOS?

Mobile card reader is a device connected to mPOS to accept  any credit card at any point of sale.
Mobile point of sale (mPOS) is device that works like a POS machine but it’s android based. It can only work with the help of a mobile card reader.

6 Readers for mobile credit card processing apps.

Here are the list of best credit card readers;
  • Square credit card Reader
  • Shopify chip and swipe reader
  • PayAnywhere card reader
  • PayPal Here Credit card reader
  • EMSplus credit card reader
  • Chase mobile credit card reader
Now to get started with my number.1 on the list

1. Square Credit Card Reader

square credit card magstripe reader
image from square website
Best overall among others. Square is a popular credit card processor that offers reader and free mobile app for iOS and android device.
Square provides a free card swipe reader and access to the free mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) app.
As I said earlier, overall best among others, Square card reader serves its users a low and simple fee, a free and easy-to-use-up reader and app. Talking about quick, affordable and user-friendly for businesses, Square is the best overall choice to accept credit card payments.
Although, Square’s fees are not the best or the cheapest, but are the simplest.
“why Square’s fees aren’t the the cheapest but simplest?

Square will charge you a flat 2.75% for all swiped credit card transactions with no extra transaction charges or monthly subscription fees.

How safe is Square credit card reader?

Square ensure a high-end security and encryption protection, to secure you and your customers’ money and information.

Square accepts all major credit cards , including American Express.

2. Shopify chip and swipe reader

shopify card reader and mPOS app
image source:shopify.com
Shopify reader and mobile point-of-sale (mPOS), are used by merchant or business owners to accept credit cards in their retail store. All major credit cards are accepted including American Express.
Shopify is best for pop-up shops and retail stores. It can also be used to receive payment online, that is, it is useful for online merchant that operate online stores.
Shopify’s reader and app work with or available on iOS and Android mobile device.
Shopify charge as low as 2.4% on swipe and manual entry depending on their plan.
How safe is Shopify credit card reader?
Shopify synchronizes its online store automatically with its POS to manage your entire business from one dashboard. Changes made in shopify admin dashboard will instantly take effect in shopify POS.

3. EMSplus credit card reader

ems+ credit card swiper
image source: plusbyems.com


Electronic Merchant System Plus (EMSplus) offer free app and card reader with a low-cost of fees. They have always  specialized in helping small businesses grow.
EMSplus provides similar functions to Squares’, offering a flat per-transaction rate that’s lower than what square charges.
EMS+ like other credit card reader comprises of mobile app and a reader that connect to your android phone or tablet through a connected source like headphone jack. lighting port, or Bluetooth to turn your mobile phone into a credit card and debit card processing terminal.

4. PayAnywhere mobile card reader

payanywhere credit card reader
image source: payanywhere.com
Likewise its name, Payanywhere, accept all major credit card, including American Express anywhere. With PayAnywhere, you get a free credit card reader and a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) app to accept credit card payment and manage your business.
PayAnywhere mPOS create and send email invoices and recurring invoices, Create an item library with barcodes, multiple prices and modifiers, manage inventory, reporting customer purchases, online resources and multilingual customer support.
With PayAnywhere, you cab quickly add or scan items with your device’s camera or connect a Bluetooth barcode scanner.
PayAnywhere is available on Android and iOS.

5. PayPal Here reader

paypal here card reader
image source: paypal.com
PayPal is most payment options. It is the best mobile credit card processing providers when it comes to hardware.
PayPal mobile reader and mPOS app are great for business that has a large online store and physical retail store. It accept different payment types including check and want next-day funding.
With PayPal Here, you get tools to manage your inventory and employee. Create and send customized invoice.
No monthly fees or processing fees.
Available on window, Android and iOS device.
PayPal Here charge fees of 2.7% of swipe and manual entry is 3.7%. Get readers at minimum of $14.99, approximate to $15.

6. Chase mobile credit card reader

Chase credit card processing apps


Chase quick accept contactless mobile card reader is used to accept credit card payment from customers anywhere they meet. It could in retail store, supermarket and more.
With chase Mobile credit card processing apps, you can manage your transaction history, make withdrawal and transfer.
No monthly fees and its available on window, Android and iOS.

Best credit card offers for good credit

We recommend using either Discover, amex or MasterCard. Not related to the scope of this post right? I just felt the need to chip it there as it might come handy. I personally prefer using a MasterCard though.


Mobile credit card app (mPOS) allow small business owner and online merchant to accept payment in their pop-up shop, online store and physical retail shops.
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