POS Machine Price list In Nigeria: Best pos machine with low charges (Cheapest to Most Expensive)

POS machine price in Nigeria

Price of best POS machine in Nigeria

Hello guys, welcome to my blog and in this article, I’m going to share with you the price of POS machine in Nigeria and pos machine’s that charge low. In my last POS banking post, I discussed the list of best POS machine agent in Nigeria, but before I dive into the primary reason of the article, let me share briefly with you about POS machine.
Here are what I’m going to discuss in this article, You can can jump to each content by click on it.

What is POS Machine?

POS machine is a short terms of Point of sales machine which is a mini computer that allows you to send and receive money, pay bills and pay utilities bills. This can be done when you insert your automated teller machine [ATM] debit or credit card in the POS machine terminal.
As I said earlier, I’m going to share with you price of POS machine in Nigeria. There are many companies, financial organizations and bank that offers POS machine with good commission rate in Nigeria.

How does POS Machine works?

The basic and fundamental definition of POS machine is system which allow transacting and recording of transactions between a company and customers or between an agent and a withdrawal.
POS machine typically includes a monitor[screen], keyboard, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display, barcode scanner, debit or credit card reader.

What are the best POS machine in Nigeria?

Like I said above, I’m going to share with you the best POS machine in Nigeria with good commission rate, and they are top and best banking agency in Nigeria with best POS terminal.

Here are the best POS machine in Nigeria👇

1. MoniePoint POS Machine

When will are talking about one the best banking agency company in Nigeria, Moniepoint is superb. Moniepoint is the best mobile money agency company and best POS agency in Nigeria when it comes to fast, reliable, secure and trusted transactions.
When it come to agency banking, you should know that its available to provide you financial services instead of going to bank. In this case, moniepoint POS terminal is the secure and reliable agent to do that.
As a Monie point agent, you’ll be able to make money by providing financial services to the customers. You’ll be able to provide banking services such as;
  • Data top up
  • Airtime top up
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Money transfer
  • All bills payment including paga
Monie Point offers their agent with two types of  transaction channel, POS and SmartPOS. As an agent, you’ll be able to choose the transaction channel you like and start your POS business.

2. Flutterwave POS Machine

Flutterwave POS app is the best agency banking app in Nigeria. Its very easy to use and give cheaper rate than any other mobile money app.
Flutterwave POS app is an Android POS machine that is used by agent to provide financial service to the community.
The POS accept all bank cards in Nigeria, making it to be one of the best POS machine in Nigeria. And also making it to be a perfect solution for businesses and individual willing to start accepting payment via POS.
As an agent, flutterwave POS app is good for your business, it provide many offers and cash back on every transaction done on it.
Flutterwave POS is certified by central bank of Nigeria(CBN), it can be connected to office or home WiFi, or mobile phone hotspot for internet connection. You can also insert a sim card to it for internet connection.

3. OPay POS Machine

OPay is one of the best mobile money agent in Nigeria rated in 2021. OPay stands for Opera pay. It’s a company of the Chinese that owns Opera mini browser and Opera news.
As an OPay agent, you’ll be able to make money by helping customers to
  • withdraw money
  • transfer money
  • pay all bills
with your OPay POS terminal.

4. FirstMonie POS Machine

First monie own by First bank of Nigeria. They are number one trusted by in Nigeria with high customers.
Fisrt monie Pos is one of the best banking agency in Nigeria with high commission rate. As an Fisrt monie agent, you’ll be able to help customers by transferring money, withdraw money, pay bills and buy of airtime and data.
To become a first monie agent, and a get their POS machine, you’ll have to create an account with First bank of Nigeria. Then download Firstmonie app on Google play store and do transaction of ten for two to three month.

5. KUDI POS Machine

Kudi is a financial service provider and one of the best POS agency in Nigeria that focus on providing electronics banking experience with everyone. With Kudi, You can become an agent and make money by providing financial services to your communities easily.

Kudi aims to build an inclusive world with everyone and helps to make banking experience seamless in Africa. All the aims is achieved by the support of their agents who partner with them.

Kudi is a seamless payment option that focus on easy transaction in Africa, With Kudi App, You can simply Transfer Money, Sell Airtime, Tv subscriptions, Pay Electricity bills, Withdraw and cashout and data subscriptions. More features will be launched in the nearest future.

Price of POS Machine In Nigeria

Please be informed that getting a POS machine is absolutely free of charge. Getting your from one of the commercial banks in the country will give you for free.
Although, there are some POS machine that you’ll will the to pay before you can get it. Such as Flutterwave POS machine.
Flutterwave POS Machine was named a price maybe because they are not a commercial banks and they offer low commission rate.
To get a POS machine from any commercial banks in Nigeria, all you need to do is to have an account with them, it can be a current or co-operate account. Some banks are fine with ordinary savings account.

Advantages of Paid POS over Free POS

Getting a free POS machine and Paying a certain price to get the terminal, owns a different advantages and disadvantages.
However, there are now some organizations or companies offering a POS machine at a one-time fee. Those dealers or suppliers don’t charge you for transactions fees because you’ve paid for the machine upfront.
POS given to you for free will charge transaction fees each time any transaction is done on the POS terminal.


Here are the price of POS machine in Nigeria with good commission rate. There are lots of companies and banks that offer POS machine at good price, some offers them for free.
In this article, I just shared with you POS machine price in Nigeria. If you have any question regarding this article, please drop your comments. I promise to reply as soon as possible.
Thanks for reading. If you find this article interesting and helpful, kindly share it with your family and friends.

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