What is alert irruption in POS machine, causes and how to fix

POS machine alert irruption message

Alert irruption in POS machine, Causes and how to fix the error?

Point of sale (POS) machines are electronics devices use to accept payment by inserting your credit card or debit. This machines are object of technology, the may experience more or less significant problems or error. one of the error, “alert irruption error” and some of it related error will be treated in this article.
In this Article, I’ll share with you what is alert irruption in POS machine, how to fix an alert irruption error, causes of the irruption message and highlight of some related alert irruption in various POS machine.

What is alert irruption in POS machine?

Alert irruption simply means the POS terminal can no longer be used to carryout transactions. This message appear when the point of sale machine has been tampered with, that is, the use of the terminal become compromised.

Causes of alert irruption

This problem is commonly caused when the card terminal has been tampered with, may be by too much electrical voltage or any other compromised impact. When this occur, the built-in anti-tampered software will trigger and shut-down the terminal.

How to fix the error message

In either case of the error, the terminal should be sent back to it supplier for repair. Or call your terminal technical supporting term for help and enquiry.

Related alert irruption messages

Depending on type of POS machine you’re using, that error message might appear differently such as:
  • Alert irruption
  • Ingenico alert irruption
  • Alert irruption ict220, iwl220, iwl250, isc250, ict250, ipp350, ict220, ismp4.
  • Irruption pin pad
  • Alert irruption on card reader
  • Pin labs machine alert irruption
  • Barclaycard pdq irruption


Overwhelming a POS machine terminal could leads to anti-tempered software to trigger and pop-up a common error message “Alert Irruption”.
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