Maximum money that can be send through walmart


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In this article, I’ll share with you “how much money you can send through Walmart“.

Walmart is a finance company that can be used to send money internationally, most especially in the United State of America, including Puerto Rico.

Now, the question is ‘how much money you can send  through Walmart

The money you can send through Walmart2walmart via RIA are describe below.

The benefits and reach of Walmart2Walmart, a revolutionary low cost service that enables customers to transfer money to and from Walmart stores, has expanded. Changes to the service include:

  • Increasing the transfer limit when sending money via Walmart2Walmart powered by Ria in the United States –
    • In 2014, Walmart and Ria introduced the retail industry-first Walmart2Walmart money transfer program giving customers a low-cost service that allows them to transfer money to and from more than 4,600 Walmart stores nationwide at a lower cost than competitors.
    • Customers can now send up to $2,500 for $18 when using the exclusive transfer service. Previously, the limit was $900.Competitive offerings charge up to $50 to transfer $2,500.
    • Expanding Walmart2Walmart to include transfers to Walmart Mexico stores, powered by MoneyGram.
  • Customers can send up to $800 for $6.50 or less from any Walmart store in the U.S. to any of the more than 1,200 Walmart stores in Mexico
    • More than 18 percent of international money transfers from the United States are sent to Mexico with many of them both starting and ending in Walmart stores. Walmart operates in Mexico under the banners Walmart, Superama, Bodega Aurrera and Mi Bodega Aurrera.
    • With Walmart2Walmart Mexico, powered by MoneyGram, customers can save up to 20 percent when compared to other international money transfer options and know that their funds are being transferred quickly and safely.
  • Conclusion – Sending money is quite simple and easy in the United State of America, including Puerto Rica with Walmart domestic money transfer that deliver lowest price internationally.
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