Venmo End Global Payments Feed In App Redesign

Redesign of the Venmo App End Global Payment Feed.

Venmo Users will no longer be able to see payment between people they don’t know. This was declared on Tuesday by the fintech company. It’s removing its global feed.
The change comes as redesign of the app, which also made it a refreshed look and new discover features and privacy control.
As part of our ongoing efforts to continually evolve the Venmo platform, while staying true to the heart of the Venmo experience, we are removing the global feed, and the friends feed is now the only social feed that will appear in the app, the company said in a release. The Venmo community has grown to more than 70 million customers, so this change allows customers to connect and share meaningful moments and experiences with the people who matter most.

 Features of Redesigned Venmo App

Redesign of venmo app
  • A card button plugs for both credit and debit cards options
  • Crypto button that allows you to start cryptocurrency trading.
  • You can now get complete view of your wallet, activities and settings through your personal feed.
Venmo is willing to upgrade its privacy and new payment type and widened purchase protection is expected to be rolled out this week.
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