Chipper Cash Introduce Investing and Trading of US Stocks

How to Sell and Buy US Stocks in Chipper Cash App.

Stocks are regulated by the US laws and they are also opened to non- Americans. Chipper CashChipper Cash has provides features that allows you to buy and sell stocks while living in Africa. However, there are some factors you need to take note of before investing in them.
Chippercash stock trading

Here are what you need to consider before investing in US Stocks.

1. You need to get a brokage firm (e.g chipper cash ) to manage your investment and ensure it complies with the US laws.

2. Ensure that the broker you’re investing in due with international investors and work in the country you resides.

3. You will be required to provide some vital information about yourself (eg tax details, proof of identity such as National ID card, driver’s license and International Passport)

4. Tax implications are very important to consider. According to US law, Foreigner investing in stock are subjected to 30% tax rate. Also the country you resides in may require you to pay capital gain tax for international investment.

Stock trading in Chipper cash go live following its raise of $30 Million in a series B funding round backed by Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO. Chipper cash, an African cross-border money transfer fintech startup has announced to launch a stock trading platform for Africans.

Not long ago, chipper cash launched beta version of its cryptocurrency, where you have the ability to buy and sell Cryptos, with an introduction to Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The San Fransisco based fintech company, Chipper Cash was founded in 2018 by Ugandan Ham Serunjogi and Ghanaian Maijid Moujaled, to offer P2P payment service in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Africa. Recently, the company extended it service to United Kingdom (UK).

Now Chipper  Cash is introducing trading and investing in stcock in its platform. The option is available via the website and mobile app of the fintech company. Investments in U.S. stocks through the app per the statement will be first open to Nigerians. The services will be possible through a partnership with U.S. financial services company Drivewealth.

The stock product will launch in Nigeria first and then expand to other countries, Serunjogi explained, adding that Nigerians will “have the option to buy fractional stocks — Tesla shares, Apple shares or Amazon shares and others — through our app.

With Chipper Cash you can invest in US stocks and also invest in US companies such as Google, Tesla, Facebook, Nike, Apple, Netflix, and Amazon. Most of stock investment companies  these have minimum opening balance of $10. But with chipper cash, you can start as low as $1, this is possible because they let you invest through fractional investing.

With Chipper Cash, you buy fractional stock shares with as little as $1 in naira and you need to request for early access on thiewebsite or mobile app.These wille lead us to how to trade stock on chipper cash.

How to Buy and Sell US Stock on Chipper Cash.

To invest in Chipper Cash Stock trading, firstly you will have to request or early access on their web page.

  • Go to the web address above this content on your browser.
  • Click on ”Request Early Access”
  • The fill in the form

How to buy and sell stock on chipper cash app

Follow the below instructions to start trading US stocks on chipper cash app.
  • Sign in to your Chipper cash dashboard (you can create one here if you have an account(you can create one here if you have an account)
  • Click on the ”Invest” button in the homepage
  • On the next page, there are two options (stock and crypto) click on the ”stock” button and click on ”begin investing”.
Before you start trading stock, chippe r cash will requires more information about you, such as, National ID card, Bank verification Number (BVN), Proof of residents and face verification.

Among others stock trading platform in Africa, Chipper cash offer best buying of frictional stock as low as $1 in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. It also Own shares of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Nike, Netflix & 1000’s more publicly traded companies with lowest commission and fast trade execution.

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