How to get Jumia One Loan in Nigeria

Jumia One: How to Get Quick Loan from JumiaPay App

Jumia One Loan
Jumia Loan is an automated lending platform offered by Jumia to give quick, urgent and personal loan to Nigerian’s especially for those that are not eligible for bank loan.
The great feeling that has ever happen to man in life is to get what he needs at the necessary time. The truth is that not everyone is financially stable and another real fact is that not everyone is Financially stable at all time, especially the necessary time. A lack of finances can be a downer, whether you’re trying to pay for an item you want or need, or you’re paying for an essential expense. It could very well spell a terrible day or a terrible week. What do you do when you need a quick and instant cash loan to meet your personal needs then? Where can you turn to?

JumiaPay Loan  could be the easiest and urgent loan to safe you from the financial problem. In this article, we’ll look at Jumia One Loan, a features that happened to be offered in JumiaPay App – one of the platform where you can get urgent loan in Nigeria. 

JumiaPay App allows you to obtain loans, pay bills at affordable rate and also perform other financial services.

More about Jumia One Loan

Almost everyone must have heard about Jumia in Nigeria. Jumia is the leading e-commerce and retail online store that provide an excellent shopping experience for its customers. The company not only diverse its services to online shopping but also offer some cool services such as loan.

Jumia One Loan is the diversification I’m talking about. This is a lending platform that offer quick and fast loan.

Three Categories of Jumia Loan

Jumia One Loan is with three categories and you’ll definitely find the one that suit your needs. Here are the loan categories:

  1. Payday Loans – I can say this is a type of loan is for salaries earners and it can be called an overdraft loan. Borrower is expected to payback upon the next paycheck. It focuses at providing fast loan to any functional organization or working class.
  2. Education Loans – This type of loan work to provide financial support to promote educational needs.
  3. Business Loans – As the implies, I think you’ve already know what it means? This is the type of loan that support businesses financially to cover cash flow payments and aid overall transactions.

How to Apply for Jumia One Loan?

Getting a Jumia Loan is very easy and its a 24hrs loan in Nigeria. Follow the below step-by-steps to Apply for Jumia one Ioan.
  • Download JumiaPay App via Google play store
  • Install the App and complete the registrations process.
  • Then click on ”loan” and fill in all the requirements for the system to process your request.
  • Verify and complete your request in your inbox.
Note – Make sure you submit your correct details to fasten your request and to avoid delay.

The loan will be send to the accounts number you provided in the loan registration form within 24hrs of approval.

What are the requirements you need to Apply for Jumia Loan

All you need to Apply for loan are
  • A valid bank details
  • BVN (bank verification number)
  • Smart phone
  • Internet connection
  • JumiaPay App

How long does it takes to get approved for Jumia Loan.

The process time for Jumia one loan is the fastest of all. The loan options are provided to the applicant within a space of 15 seconds, and loan approval and disbursement is secured within 5 minutes. You will get the loan credited in your provided bank account immediately after the approval.

You can access Jumia loan at anytime, whether you need it urgently to solve some financial issues, all you need to do is go-to your JumiaPay App and apply for it.

How much can you borrow for loan?

Jumia Loan offer first time lender the sum of N10,000 and you can get as much as N100,000 depending on your credit scores if build over time.

Why will Jumia Loan Application Get Rejected?

Loan maybe rejected because of many reasons, here, I will describes some of this issues that can cause your loan application to be rejected. Here are some reasons;
  • Low credit score – you can have a low credit score due to your histories of defaulting on loan. This may cause rejection of loan.
  • Also submitting incorrect details can cause rejection or declined your loan application
  • Another reason for this to occur is not having a legitimate source of income.
  • When you had been badly reported to the credit bureau

Benefit and Why you should consider Jumia One Loan.

  • Jumia is a popular brand in Nigeria when talking about retail online store with the largest collection of stocks. So partnering with with one there service (Jumia One Loan) shouldn’t be something frightened.
  • As well named company, you data are safe.
  • The requirements and processing details are very easy and simple.
  • The processing time takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Low interest rate
  • No collateral no paper work
  • The Jumia loan repayment plans are simple to payback and easy to comprehends.
  • No guarantor.

Jumia One Loan Interest Rate

For every loan of N100,000, you will repay N103,500 and fully repaid after 30days. Total amount payable = N103.500. The fee would be N3,500.

Is JumiaPay Loan a Scam?

No! The product is offered by Jumia Nigeria to provide unsecured loan for individual, student and businesses to support their financial needs.

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