Airtel Money Now Allow Users in Kenya To Receive Fund From 129 Countries Free of Charge

Airtel Mobile Money in Kenya has bring new opportunity to its users in Kenya, they can now receive money from 129 countries across the globe seamlessly.

This was done due to the partnership that was recently occurred between Airtel Money Kenya and World-Remit.

Airtel Money has partner with Worldremit to allow airtel customers in Kenya to receive fund from 129 countries free of charge.

Airtel Money

World Remit, which in August rebranded as Zepz after raising $292 million at a $5 billion valuation, is a UK-based cross-border mobile payments platform that enables people to move money across multiple locations around the world.

Airtel Money is a Mobile Commerce service powered by Airtel, one of Africa’s largest telecommunication companies, that allows customers to use their mobile number as a digital wallet (e-wallet). Airtel Money e-wallets can be funded and used to make and receive payments.

Through this partnership with Zepz, Airtel Money Customers can now receive money from over 129 countries and also they can use their e-wallet to pay utility bills, Top up the mobile account and shop online.

This is not the first time Zepz is partnering with African Financial Institutions to drive Financial Inclusion to the continent, and I hope this shouldn’t be the last. In June 2018, Zepz partner with First Bank Nigeria to allow its customers around the world to send money to their First Bank Account on their mobile phone. Then after few month later, it launched its first full-on inter-African money transfer service in 40 countries, with a roll-out target in East Africa markets including Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.



Zepz has also involved in series of partnerships with other Airtel regional companies such as Airtel Rwanda in June 2020 and Airtel Tanzania in October 2020. There are expectations that this recently announced partnership with Airtel Money Kenya will introduce the next generation of global money transfers in Africa. 

Mobile Mobile service keep experiencing continuous growth in Kenya, this ketp the country second-largest mobile money market in the world after China.

According to analytics and informations from the Central Bank of Kenya, Mobile money transactions rose to Sh3.26 trillion ($29,555,756,906) between January and June this year compared to Sh3.06 trillion ($27,742,520,286) between July and December last year.

Registered mobile money accounts in Kenya also increased by six million to 67.8 million at the end of June 2021 from 61.7 million at the end of June 2020. Similarly, the volume of mobile money transactions increased to 175.8 million transactions in June 2021, from 143.1 million transactions in June 2020. Within the same period, the active mobile money agents increased by 63,820 to 301,457 from 237,637 agents.

Our partnership with World Remit underpins the growth we are witnessing in this market. The volume of transactions and the number of new registered customers to Airtel Money continues to grow. Through this partnership, our customers are assured of seamless services across the globe, without fear of costs. Airtel Money continues to offer fast, secure and affordable services to all Kenyans.

 This was disclosed by Airtel Kenya Managing Director, Prasanta Das Sarma.

Although, Safaricom’s M-Pesa owns the largest market share in Kenya with 247,000 agents serving an estimated 28 million active customers spread across the country. But Airtel partnership with WorldRemit hope to boost the telecom operator’s market position and drive customer acquisition in the Kenyan market. And also attract new users willing to receive money from abroad via Airtel Money.

How to Send Money To Airtel Money Account In Kenya From Abroad.

Follows the below step-by-steps to send or receive money into your Airtel Money E-wallet from abroad.

If you want to receive money from abroad, tell your sender to follow the step below and if your are sending money to airtel money from abroad, simply follow the below steps.

Disclosure: there is no charge apply for receiving Airtel Money from abroad through Worldremit. However, all other Airtel charges apply after you’ve received the fund in your account.

How to send/receive money into your Airtel Money through Worldremit.

1. Go-to your Worldremit account.
2. Choose ”Kenya” from the countries drop down list.
3. Enter the amount you want to send (after, fees and exchange rate will be visible).
4. Choose ‘Mobile Money‘ method as delivery method
5. Select ‘Airtel Money‘ as mobile money partner (after that, you will be directed to another page where you will login/create an account)
6. Login to your accounts and enter your recipient details and confirm the information.
7. Pay for your transfer.

More story Airtel Money and Worldremit.

Worldremit is an international money transfer that works with over 130 countries. It works with Airtel Money in the sense that its allow Airtel money users to receive money from 129 countries across the globe.

To do this, you need to register for Airtel Money account using your Airtel phone Number and wait for any available money to receive from abroad.

There are two ways to receive money via Airtel Money from Worldremit, either by Worldremit website or via their app.

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