Best POS Machine in Nigeria

Here is my list of best POS machine in Nigeria.

  1. Moniepoint POS Machine
  2. OPay POS Machine
  3. FirstMonie POS Machine
  4. Flutterwave POS Machine
  5. Kudi POS Machine
  6. Paycenter POS Machine
  7. Baxi Box POS Machine
  8. Paga POS Machine
  9. UBA POS Machine

Best POS Machine in Nigeria

Best POS Machine in Nigeria
Today, I will share with you the best POS machine in Nigeria plus its commission rate. This will make you decide the one that will be best for you to start your POS Business. But before I dive to the primary reason of this article, let’s quickly look what POS machine is and how it works.

What is POS Machine?


POS Machine simply known as Point of Sales Machine is a mini computer that accept credit cards and debit cards for cash transfer and withdrawal.
Paying of bills, Buying of Airtime and data subscription can also be perform on POS Machine. POS terminal play a major role in the innovation of the cashless banking objectives as they become a popular means of transacting payment.
Their are lots of bank and financial institution that offer free POS machine for less priviledge people to start their own small business. Learn more about companies that offer free and paid POS machines.

How does POS Machine Works?


POS Machine works in the sense to offer financial services to people in a community where there is absent of bank or automated teller machine (ATM).
People do cash transfer and withdrawal using their bank credit card or debit card via the POS machine. The point of sale machine accept verve card, visa card and MasterCard.
Don’t be confused, POS machine is not a bank, but provide bank services with permission of the bank with and commission agreement to community where financial institution are hard to find.

What are the Best POS Machine in Nigeria?


Like I said earlier that I will share with you the best POS machine in Nigeria with good commission rate and best agency banking in Nigeria.

Here are the Best POS Machine Provider in Nigeria.


Moniepoint POS Machine

Moniepoint is one of the best mobile money agent with reliable, fast and profitable free POS machine in Nigeria.
As a Monie point agent, you will be able to make money as a small business owner by providing banking services to customers.
Moniepoint enables you to provide services such as cash transfer, cash withdrawal, Airtime top up, Pay bills. MoniePoint claim to have the best network in town and for that, customer always choose her agent as their favourites in their locations.

How to become a Moniepoint agent.

Among others, moniepoint agent has the simplest form of registration.
All you have to do is to visit,
Then sign up using the agent registration form.
After signing up, wait for 48hrs, moniepoint team will get in touch to you via your email or phone number.
After verification, visit moniepoint POS login to sign in to your dashboard. Learn more about how to become a Moniepoint agent.

OPay POS Machine


OPay is a financial institution owned by Opera mini, a company from Chinese that also own Opera news. OPay is now known as on the fintech company that provides one of the best POS service in Nigeria.
How to become Opay POS agent?


For you to become Opay agent, you will to download Opay app at google play store and register for agent account. After successful account creation, you will have to upgrade from KYC level one to agent level by providing the necessary document required.
So, after completing the upgrading, you can start to perform some transaction on your account. When the transaction reach a bid of trusting by the opay company, you will be allow to apply for OPay POS machine.  OPay charges rate for 2021 is low.

FirstMonie POS Machine


This is also consider the best POS Machine in Nigeria. First monie sponsored by First bank of Nigeria. They are number one trusted commercial bank in Nigeria with high volume of customers.
First monie by First bank of Nigeria offer free POS machine. this is one of the advantages of first monie POS machine.
How to become FirstMonie POS agent
To become a First Monie Agent, you will have to follow this below requirements.
  1. Create account with first bank
  2. Download first monie app {Available Google play store and apple store}
  3. Do minimum of ten[10] transactions per day, for two to three months.
Once all these process has been passed through, you will be able to request for first monie POS machine.

Flutterwave POS Machine


Flutterwave is one of the best POS agency in Nigeria that offers best POS Machine in Nigeria with good commission rate.
Flutterwave POS app is an Android POS machine that is used by agent to provide financial service to the community.
The POS accept all bank cards in Nigeria, making it to be one of the best POS machine in Nigeria. And also making it to be a perfect solution for businesses and individual willing to start accepting payment via POS.
As an agent, flutterwave POS app is good for your business, it provide many offers and cash back on every transaction done on it.
Flutterwave POS is certified by central bank of Nigeria(CBN), it can be connected to office or home WiFi, or mobile phone hotspot for internet connection. You can also insert a sim card to it for internet connection.
How to become Flutterwave POS agent
To become a flutterwave POS agent is pretty simple. All you have to do is go to Google play store, search for flutterwave POS app and install it to your android phone.
Create account with you correct information and begin to serve your customers. Learn more about Flutterwave POS and how to become an agent.

Kudi POS Machine


Kudi is a financial service provider that focus on providing electronics banking experience with everyone. Plus offer one of the best POS Machine in Nigeria.With Kudi, You can become an agent and make money by providing financial services to your communities easily. Kudi is a profitable mobile money agent in Nigeria and they are also a best way to make money as a small business owner.

How to become a Kudi agent in just 3 simple steps

To become Kudi agent is very simple and easy use.
  1. Download Kudi App
  2. Create an account
  3. Fund your wallets and start transacting

What can I do on Kudi POS machine

Kudi is a seamless payment option that focus on easy transaction in Africa, With Kudi App, You can simply Transfer Money, Sell Airtime, Tv subscriptions, Pay Electricity bills, Withdraw and cashout and data subscriptions. More features will be launched in the nearest future.

How to become a Kudi super agent | How to get the POS machine

You have to become a kudi agent first, and own a sizeable and remarkable network of agent. Learn more about Kudi POS Machine and how to become an agent.

Paycenter POS Machine

Paycenter just join the POS Machine agency industries. And it can also be recommended as one of the best POS machine in Nigeria.
Paycenter POS agency like OPay and others, offer cheap and easy to use POS Machine to merchants. The Fintech fast growth has made her to be recommended as one of the best POS terminal in Nigeria.
How to become Paycenter POS agent
To become an agent, you must possess the followings;
  • An Android device
  • A valid ID card
  • Passport Photograph
  • A picture of your signature
  • Utility bills not older than 3 months
  • Startup capital
  • And a strategic location
  • After your application has been reviewed, you will be given a pinpad (mPOS device).
Now follow the below steps to become Paycenter POS agent.
  • Visit the app store and download Paycenter app
  • Switch on the pinpad by pressing the power button
  • Press the ‘arrow up’ key to display in full
  • On your Android device, turn on your Bluetooth and search for nearest device
  • Detect your pinpad serial number to pair with
  • Now connect your Android device to your Paycenter pinpad.

BaxiBox POS Machine

This is one of the best POS Machine in Nigeria that is almost best for new merchant that wants to start POS Business in Nigeria.
The POS machine is very simple and has easy dashboard to access, infact non techy or an illiterate can operate the machine without stress and the banking agency doesn’t have monthly target.
Baxibox Charges 0.55 percent per every N1 to N20,000, N100 for every N20,001 to N100,000 and N30 for cash deposit.
How to become Baxibox POS agent
To become a Baxibox POS agent, please follow the below step by steps.
  1. Visit the Google play or Apple store and download Baxi mobile app
  2. Install and open the app on your phone
  3. Open and register an account on the app
  4. Use your BVN to upgrade to Baxi flex
  5. Request for Baxi mPOS in your dashboard

Paga POS Machine

Paga is a mobile payment company that focus on building an ecosystem that enables people to digitally send and receive money. Paga makes easy and simple financial transacting access for everyone.
Paga is getting more popular in financial POS business in Nigeria as they have over 17,203,386 customer and more than 27,388 agents in Nigeria. It was found in year 2009 and publicly launched in 2011 by Tayo. It can also be recommended as one of the best POS Machine in Nigeria
How to become Paga POS agent
  1. Visit Paga official website
  2. Select ‘become an agent’ on the dashboard to get started
  3. On the page, you will be asked to send an email to
  4. An application form will sent to you via email to proceed with the agent registration

UBA POS Machine

Uba is a large and popular commercial bank in Nigeria and Africa as well, they offer point of sales machine at merchant locations to serve they customer better. They can be an Banking agency that gives merchants one of the best POS Machine in Nigeria.
Who are the merchants uba targets?
  1. Any established store where there is trade of goods and services
  2. The merchant must have a permanent address of business
  3. he must complete a KYC form and have an account for direct deposit by the assigned POS
Targeted Industries
  1. Store – Super Market, Pharmacy…..
  2. Refill Station – Gas station, Petroleum station……
What is the minimum size/requirement of merchant business to qualify for UBA POS?
At uba, POS requirement is expensive. Therefore, POS is release to merchants that transact N1,000,000 per month or N35,000 per day.
Features of  Uba POS
  1. Payment for purchase
  2. Balance Enquiry i.e you can check your account balance
  3. Accept all cards
  4. pay utility bills
  5. Merchant have full access to view transactions online
Advantages of Uba POS
Like I said earlier, it one of the best POS Machine in Nigeria, POS make transacting easy, with uba POS, more sales is generated, buyers spend more with cards. As a merchant with high turnover of N1,000,000 per day, you can have multiple POS machine.

Banks Best POS Machine in Nigeria to be Considered

  • Bankly POS
  • Surebanka
  • NowNow
  • Accelerax POS
  • Surepadi POs by Polaris bank
  • Access closa by access bank
  • Union Bank Point Of Sale
  • ITEX
  • GTBank point of sale
Final words
Knowing the best POS Machine in Nigeria and companies that offer them is essential, most especially for those willing to start POS Business in Nigeria. Here, I have explained the list of best POS machine in Nigeria with good commission rate plus the cheapest, free and paid once.
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