How To Detect Fake Bank Alert: 100% Comprehensive Guide

fake bank alert

Have you ever been scammed through fake alert? If you have not, definitely, this article is for you. Read to the end of this article, as you will learn how to detect fake bank alert.

Many people has been scammed through this fake alert of a thing, this is a true life story that happened to a POS business man in my area, one young man worked up to his shop and make a fake bank alert to his account N30,000. he received alert confirming the money has been deposited in his account without knowing it was a fake bank alert. Later on, the POS man checked his account balance, discovered no money in his account and the guy has gone.

For you not make the same mistake that man made, I decide to take my time out to write this educative article to enlighten you on how to detect fake bank alert and how fake alert is done

Here are what we are going to discuss in this article, you can click jump to the content you which to read.

How does Fake bank alert done?

bulk sms is used in this process. Bulk SMS is an act of sending message to large number of people, its less expensive and easy to use.
When this scammers get the information they need to perform this fake bank alert, the will do it successfully. So, to avoid been scammed by this people, you need to hide that information from them. And if by any means, this information is review to them, there is a way you can detect fake alert.
Information scammer use to send fake bank alert
Infact, without revealing any information about you, they can still send you fake alert. All they need is your mobile number and your account details. When they have these details, the next thing they do is to customize the fake bank alert and send it to you.

How to Detect Fake Bank Alert?

Firstly, let me show you how fake bank alert looks like,
  Credit Alert!

     Acc#: xx0*******xx45


     Desc: 00100001000

     Diamond Bank

     Nurudeen Ojo

     Time: 20/10/21/10:00PM

     Avail Bal: 100.000.09

     Total Bal: 100.00.10

So, this is how Diamond bank alert format looks like. Those scammer will send you your bank alert format, this will make it be like a real bank alert.

Now, this is how you can detect fake bank alert.

  1. First of all, any time your receive alert, Check the message where its located, maybe its located to inbox where your bank real message use to be. If its not among the other, its means something is wrong
  2. Secondly, Check whether the amount sent top up your balance. If not, it fake alert be that, because they cannot know the total amount in your bank account
  3. Thirdly, check the alert format, because some of them dont know all bank formats
  4. And lastly, check your account balance. It is adviceable to use your bank mobile app so that anytime money is sent to you, you will quickly login to the mobile app to confirm the payment.

Codes To Check Bank Account Balance

  • Access bank *901*5#
  • Eco-bank *326*0#
  • Fidelity bank *770*0#
  • First bank *894*0#
  • FCMB *329*00#
  • GT bank *737*6*1#
  • Heritage bank *322*030#
  • Stanbic bank *909#
  • Keystone bank *7111*1#
  • Sterling bank *822*00#
  • UBA bank *919*00#
  • Unity bank *7799#
  • Wema bank *945*0#
  • Zenith bank *966*00#


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please be aware of fake bank alert and I hope you find this article helpful? If so, share to your friends and family to keep them aware of bank alert scam 
And also, feel free to use the comment box for any question regarding this article.

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