15 Best PayPal Alternative In 2022

PayPal’s great and it’s the most used payment solution platform with over 370 million active users in the world. But why would you want to check out PayPal alternative?

Well, here are some reasons you may be searching for alternatives to PayPal

  • Withdrawing your money to personal bank account can takes days (three to five days on a norms)
  • Many PayPal alternative charge lower rate than PayPal.
  • PayPal has been known to freeze account without prior warning.
  • PayPal does not provide security for sellers selling their digital products and services.
  • PayPal is not available to all countries.
So one of those mentioned above can be your reason for looking out for PayPal alternative, and if that’s not the reason, let us know yours in the comment section. Whatever your reasons, we got you covered.
In this article, we will share with you 15 best PayPal alternatives available in 2022 to help you decide which one is best for you and your businesses.

Best PayPal Alternative In 2022


Stripe (#1 PayPal Alternative)

This is our first on the list. Stripe is one of the most popular payment solution that is best for online businesses. Best for businesses with the aim of intuitive and flexible API (Application Programming Interface).
Stripe best paypal alternative
Stripe is one the most popular alternative to PayPal, they believe that payment problems are rooted in codes not finance. So therefore, they provide simple API for easy integration and customization for businesses to collect payment with ease.
Stripe has work with many large digital business tool and big e-commerce companies including shopify by using stripe integrations.
Stripe deposit your money directly into your bank account. You can accept payment anywhere in the world, but the transaction fees is similar to PayPal’s. Stripe charge 2.9 percent of the transaction value plus $0.30. ( Learn more)
This could be one of the disadvantages of stripe. Another I can really say is that stripe lies on it flexible rooted codes. However, these could be problems for those with little or no programming knowledge.
Stripes is available for web and you can also access it on the iOS app or Google Play Store app.

Pros of Stripe

. Low transaction fees
. Clean dashboard
. Good for international transfer with low fees.
. Best alternative to PayPal

Cons of Stripe

. Very little customers support
. Stripe strength lies in it flexibility and customizable nature. However, this could be an issues for people with little or no programming knowledge.

Payoneer (#2 PayPal Alternative)

Best for freelancer which to accept international payment from client and its also good for small businesses.
Payoneer helps businesses and freelancers get paid quickly and securely. It is also known as one of the best PayPal alternative that places a special focus on market sector such as freelancing, e-commerce, vacation rentals and online advertising.
This PayPal alternative, Payoneer, provide a physical debit card that can be used to withdraw your fund from any ATMs worldwide.
Unlike Stripe, Payoneer doesn’t require any programming knowledge, that is, it is easy to set up.
Unlike PayPal, Payoneer transaction fees is simple. The platform bill your fees monthly and payment from other payoneer customers are free. Credit cards transactions fees are slightly high and you will be charge fees when transferring to your local bank account. (Learn more)
Payoneer is available on web, iOS app for Apple phone and Google Play Store for Android phones

Pros of Payoneer

. Easy to setup
. No need of programming knowledge
. Best PayPal alternative
. Provision of debit cards
. Best for freelancers
. Free transactions between Payoneer customers

Cons of Payoneer

. Fees of 3 percent are charged for every credit card transactions
. You will pay a certain fees to transfer fund to your bank account.

Skrill (#3 PayPal Alternative)

Best for cryptocurrencies users and online gamblers. Skrill is a lot like PayPal with a little different features that makes it worth PayPal alternative.
The service is incredible simple to use. Unlike PayPal that uses strict fraud protecting tool which have been known to inconvenient users by unexpectedly freeze their account.
Skrill was created with the aim of providing cryptocurrency fund like Bitcoin, Ether and Litcoin. It’s also set up for online gambling that required funds.
One of the main benefit of Skrill is the low transaction fees. The platform charge 1.45 percent plus $0.50 to send and receive money. Transferring money your local bank account is free. Learn more
The PayPal alternative also offer free virtual cards to helps you manage your account.
Skrill is available on iOS app store for Apple Phones and Google play Store for Android phones.

Pros of Skrill

. Get a Free Virtual Card
. Send and Receive Payment for free in its mobile app using email address
. Very low and easy transaction fees
. It is also a cryptos-market place
. One of the best alternative to PayPal.

Cons of Skrill

. Overdraft fees
. Not ideal for freelancers
. Not too secure like PayPal

Google Pay (#4 PayPal Alternative)

Google Pay is another well known PayPal alternative. The payment solution platform is from a popular brand, Google LLC.
Goggle Pay
Best for quick, easy and free payment solution. In addition, Google Pay is a fast, simple way to on websites, in app and in-store using credit card saved to your Google account.
The PayPal alternative enables businesses to streamline payment processes for customers. More so, businesses can also use google pay to deliver  special mobile offers and recommendations to customers and provide giftcards.
The best part of this payment solution platform is that it is free for individual and businesses. Debit cards and bank transfer are free while credit cards are charged at 2.9 percent of the transaction amount.
The platform is available for google users with google account.

Pros of Google Pay

. Free for individual and businesses
. Best PayPal alternative

Cons of Google Pay

. Credit Cards transactions fees are similar to PayPal’s

TransferWise (#5 PayPal Alternative)

TransferWise is a fantastic payment solution best for individuals and businesses based with a high volume of international transfer.
TransferWise is one of the cheap way to send money internationally, this make it one of the best alternative to PayPal. The platform claims to real exchange rate without any additional unseen fees.
The payment solution, TransferWise, border less account provides users with a debit card allowing you to manage funds in more than forty (40) currencies, charge client, run payroll, batch payment and many more.
Furthermore, TransferWise for business allows you to create invoice for your customers in their own currency.
The transaction fees of TransferWise is simple. For instance, the payment Sol. charge 0.6 percent of transaction amount plus $1.00 when transferring from US dollar (USD) to Europe Euro (EUR). (Learn more)
TransferWise is available on the web and app for Apple phone on iOS app store or for Android phones on Google Play Store.

Pros of TransferWise

. Allow to create invoice in customers currency
. Low transfer fees for cross border payment
. Provision of debit card to manage funds and account
. Best PayPal alternative
. TransferWise functions like Payoneer.

Square (#6 PayPal Alternative)

Square is a very similar PayPal alternative. It is a businesses focused selling in person platform.
Square root
Square’s root is best for businesses, the platform offer free mobile point of sale (mPOS) that can be used by bricks and mortal businesses. Plus, you can use this platform for online payment via invoice or website.
Square mPOS is incredible, allowing you to accept card, cash and check in your physical retail store. You can also print or send them to customers online. You will receive free card reader that will be connected to your phone, when you signed up.
This PayPal alternative provides invoicing, recurring payments, real time inventory management, customers directories, report and payroll tools. It also provide checkout integration with your e-commerce website and allows you to accept payments online using simple check out workflow.
Square transaction fees is simple too. The platform charges 2.9 percent of transaction amount, plus $0.30 per online sale and charge 2.6 percent plus $0.10 per transaction for mobile and in-store sales. Learn more
Square is available for app and you can get it at iOS app store for iphones or Google play store for Android users.

Pros of Square

. Low transaction fees
. Best for online and in-store businesses
. Offer free mPOS plus reader to accept payment in physical retail store
. You can even swipe card without an internet connection
. Best PayPal alternative
. Offer checkout integration for ecommerce stores.
. Easy to use and no monthly fees.

Cons of Square

. Transaction fees can pill up to high amount
. mPOS malfunction in some cases.

Dwolla (#7 PayPal Alternative)

Best for US based businesses. The payment solution allows you to build applications to facilitate bank transfers and manage sales and customers.
Dwolla is a US based fintech company with a high volume of bank transfer. It is extremely developer friendly and can integrate with your applications. It also has a white label API that allow users to customized their checkout page.
This PayPal alternative tools are simple and powerful to implement. Dwolla is capable of automating your payment and send up to 5,000 secure payments in a single API request.
If you are looking for very reliable payment Solution for your business, you should choose dwolla. Its 99.9 percent uptime.
It also provide strong security and successful customers care team. But unfortunately, dwolla is only available to people in the UK, US and its territories. So it doesn’t suit the need of people with international transfer purpose.
The Transaction fees of dwolla is kind of varies. The starting plan charges 0.5 percent of the transaction amount plus minimum of $0.50 and maximum of $5.00. The scale plan start at $2,000 per month  with custom plan available on request. Learn more

Pros of Dwolla

. Best alternative of PayPal
. Best for businesses in the UK and US
. 99.9 percent uptime
. 247 Hand on table customers care service

Cons of Dwolla

. Not available for international payment purposes
. Transactions fees are varies and can get high.

WePay (#8 PayPal Alternative)

Best for businesses with online payment, POS for physical retail store and omni-channel software platform.
WePay offers integrated payment for businesses by embedding transaction and payout capability with just a single integration.
The PayPal alternative is implemented by developer documentation and pricing is available upon request. The company is owned by Chase.

Pros of WePay

. Offer POS for physical retail store
. Best alternative of PayPal
. Integration services with just a single integration
. Best for businesses looking for their own hosted payment solution
. Creating of donation forms is available

Braintree (#9 PayPal Alternative)

Best for large businesses, companies and cooperation’s.
Braintree is a PayPal service and it can also be consider as its alternative too. It work best for large companies like Uber, Yelp, Dropbox and Github.
The payment solution helps businesses to reduce friction and increases conversions with seamless checkout experience. Plus, seamless way to accept online payments in more than 130 currencies from 45 countries.
Intact, I can say the Braintree offer more advance features that PayPal lacks.
Its has all the features standard business needs to solve their payment problems, such as recurring billing service, customers care services, mobile application etc. Also the payment platform integrate well with PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay.
Braintree transaction fees is simple too. It offer standard plan at 2.9 percent of transaction amount plus $0.30 per transaction. Meanwhile, the custom pricing plan are available on request. Learn more

Pros of Braintree

. Braintree focuses on helping businesses to reduce friction and increase conversions.
. More advance feature than PayPal’s
. Best PayPal alternative

Cons for Braintree

. It required some programming knowledge

Venmo (#10 PayPal Alternative)

Best for individual and mobile payment solution.
Venmo is just like PayPal that has friendly and family peer to peer (P2P) payments. But do you know venmo work for businesses as well? To add it as payment option, you will have to integrate with either Braintree or PayPal checkout.
The PayPal alternative can be integrated to your website or app by integrating it with either Braintree or PayPal checkout. Venmo can also be used as social benefits as bonus marketing for your business.
However, venmo charge 1 percent fee for every transaction amount. That’s quite cheap right? Well that’s not all.
Venmo is available for app on iOS app store and Google play store for Android.

Pros of Venmo

. Low transaction fees
. Best for individual and mobile payment on the go
. Instant transfer
. Best PayPal alternative

Cons of Venmo

. Not too perfect for businesses
. Connecting with other payment gateway to support integrating with websites.

Shopify Payment (#11 PayPal Alternative)

Best for e-commerce companies using shopify platform.
Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allow business owners to showcase their products and and payment service allow business owners to accept payment for their products. As a business owner on shopify platform, with the help of shopify payment, you will be able to accept credit card and debit card directly on your shopify store without any third parties.
Although, this PayPal alternative is available for those that have shopify store to make payment extremely easy for sellers.
Furthermore, customers can signup to shopify pay to make checkout easier, plus accept all major credit cards including America express.
Shopify payment also works with Amazon, Facebook messenger, Facebook Shops, ebay, Pinterest buyable pin and many more.
Shopify also offer POS (point of sale) for those willing to sell in person or in a physical retail store.
Shopify price is charges monthly and start at $29 per month for basic shopify account and credit cards are charged at 2.9 percent plus $0.30. Advance shopify price is charged at $299 per month plus online credit card of 2.4 percent + $0.30 cent. Learn more
The platform is available for app on iOS app store and Google play Store for Android phones user.

Pros of Shopify payment

. Best for e-commerce businesses
. The platform facilitate social media pin and entrepreneur level account.
. Shopify POS is available for those that want to sell in person or in a physical retail store.
. Best PayPal alternative
. Accepting of credit card and debit card without the need of any third parties, unlike Venmo.
. A very clean and easy to access dashboard with the features to track your balance and payment schedule.

Cons of Shopify Payment

. Pricing plan varies
. Price are charged monthly with transaction fees per transaction.
. Available for people using shopify store only.

ProPay (#12 PayPal Alternative)

Best for small businesses, enterprises businesses and variety of industries including direct selling, auto dealer and legal.
ProPay is one of the best PayPal alternative that facilitate credit card payment and payment processing, they also offer global disbursement and commission payment options.
Furthermore, this PayPal alternative also offers payment solution for SaaS platforms, marketplaces and software provider through pay-by-text, one click or email payment.
 ProPay pricing is available upon request.

Pros of ProPay

. Best PayPal alternative
. Offers pay-by- text, one click and email payment

Payza(#13 PayPal Alternative)

Best for e-commerce businesses that accept credit card, Bitcoin and bank transfer.
Payza is a payment solution that offers payza card for customers to make purchases more easier.
This PayPal alternative account and sending money are free of charge. Plus minimal transaction and Bitcoin processing fees.

Pros of Payza

. Best alternative of PayPal
. Offer Bitcoin payment integration for e-commerce businesses.

Authorize.Net (#14 PayPal Alternative)

Best for small businesses wanting quality customers support and strong security.
Authorize.net is a payment platform that accept electronic and credit card payment both online and in-person. This payment solution has been in existence since 1996 and has more than 43,000 active merchant handling more than one billion transactions. They also facilitate $149 billion in payments every year.
Despite Authorize.net is not as popular as other alternative of PayPal, it still have is stand. The platform is a subsidiary of visa, provide free 24/7 customers support and an award winning API integration.
The fintech company offers exclusive  features every standard businesses needs including recurring bills, invoicing, Point of sale (POS) checkout and superb API integration.
The platform also integrate easily with other PayPal alternative such as, Apple Pay, Visa checkout and PayPal itself, allowing you to accept customers payment anywhere around the globe.
Authorize pricing plan varies, however, the plan start at $25 per month gateway fees and 2.9 percent of transaction amount plus $0.30 fees  per transaction. Learn more
The app is available on iOS app store or Google Play store.

Pros of Authorize.Net

. The interface is intuitive
. An award winning API integration
. Best PayPal alternative

Cons of Authorize.Net

. The platform is available for US, UK ,Canada, Europe and Australia businesses only.

Amazon Pay (#15 PayPal Alternative)

Payment solution that is best for all. Trusted platform with brand appeal.
Apple Pay


Amazon Pay is a popular PayPal alternative and payment solution that has portal for merchants, shoppers and charities.
Not only because your customers has already familiar with the brand and can simply login to their amazon account and use their saved  payment details to checkout using the same amazon  process they already trust.
Furthermore, you will get an extra security of  Amazon’s fraud protection at no cost. 24/7 customers care is available for your business.
Your customers will be able to complete all transactions on your site and Amazon Pay integrate with your existing CRM.
Amazon Pay Pricing is simple and easy to understand. They charge 2.9 percent of transaction amount plus $0.30 for domestic U.S transactions and 3.9 percent transaction amount plus $0.30 for cross border transactions. Learn more
Apple pay is available for iPhone users.

The Best PayPal Alternative In 2021 Summary

Don’t miss this offer
PayPal is a great payment solution known worldwide, although it has it own amazing features but cannot suit everyone needs. There are many reasons why you might want to switch from it to its best alternative. What ever your reasons might be drop it in the comment box below and you can always choose from the list of PayPal alternative we’ve explained above in this article.

Final thought – here are the best PayPal Alternative you can choose for your business in 2022.

  • Stripe
  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
  • Google pay
  • TransferWise
  • Square
  • Dwolla
  • WePay
  • Braintree
  • Venmo
  • Shopify
  • ProPay
  • Payza
  • Authorize.net
  • Apple pay
You can choose from any of those PayPal alternative for your business and e-commerce store.

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