How to get a Virtual Debit Card and Credit Card in Uganda

Here is how to get debit card or credit card in Uganda online. In this post I will share with you three (3) best platforms to get virtual debit card in Uganda. Plus three (3) best platforms to get virtual credit card in Uganda.

Nowadays, people’s engagement in online spending is now increasing rapidly. Infact, buying of goods and services online in Uganda is becoming go-to standard for many people in the country. The use of virtual credit or debit card is now becoming unresistable.
However, what exactly is virtual card and how can you create one in Uganda online?  Sit back while we give answers to your questions.
Virtual Card

What is Virtual Card and How does it work Online in Uganda?

A virtual cards can also be called an online cards. This are digital credit or debit cards powered by Visa or MasterCard.

How does it works?

A virtual cards works online to pay for goods and services purchased online. These works like normal physical debit or credit cards. The only different is that it cannot be hold with hands and cannot be used at point of sale terminal.

Benefits of Using Debit Card and Credit Card in Uganda Online?

There are many benefits of Using virtual cards in Uganda. Below are few that I mentioned.
  • The major benefit of virtual card is the easy to access and utilization
  • They can help you bypass certain goe-locations.
  • Safe way of online shopping (it is verified by MasterCard or Visa).
  • It is accepted globally
  • Simple and more save than carrying cash
  • Ensure free travelling insurance

How to get Virtual Card in Uganda?

As I said earlier, virtual card means online card. So to get this type of card online in Uganda, some certain platform will be used to get them.
On the card, the information are match with our normal physical credit or debit card. Such as card number, valid date, the cvv number and the expiry number. Those information will be visible on the platform dashboard.
Now let’s me share some financial institution that offer free virtual cards in Uganda.

Platforms to Get Virtual Debit Card in Uganda

Here are the list of best fintech platforms to get debit cards in Uganda online.
  1. MTN MoMo Card
  2. Airtel Virtual MasterCard
  3. Eversend
  4. Barter Virtual Card

MTN MoMo Card

MTN Uganda offer MTN MoMo Card to her users to help them do online shopping and payments. This card is served as their virtual card and it’s powered by MasterCard.
It cost UGX1000 to create the debit card and it’s valid for 14days.
This debit card is attached to customer mobile cash account and can be accessed and manage via user Mobile money platform. Learn more about MoMo agent.

How to Create MTN MoMO Card,

dial *165*70# and choose ‘option 1’. After that, you will be asked to input your MTN Mobile Money Pin. After that, your MTN MoMo Card will be created and ready to use.

Airtel Virtual MasterCard

Airtel Uganda also offer this virtual MasterCard to help her users shop online globally. The debit card are created for free and expire after 365 days of creation.
For every online transaction you complete via the card, you will be charged UGX100. This is an additional perk of using Airtel Virtual MasterCard.

How to create Airtel Virtual MasterCard?

  • Dial *185*7*9#
  • Select the first option (which is ‘Get a Card’)
  • Input your Airtel Mobile Money Pin to proceed
  • Thereafter, you will be sent a link that will lead you to your card information.

Eversend Debit Card

Eversend is an online-only bank based in Uganda (just like Telda in Egypt). With Eversend, you can send across Africa and receive money from abroad.
Additional service with the app is the ability to buy foreign exchange, top up (like buying of airtime and data), pay utility bill (such as Electricity bills and TV subscription). Eversend also offer free virtual debit card for Ugandan. Learn more here.

How to Create Virtual Card on Eversend

  • Signup/login to your Eversend account
  • Click ‘Card’ at the bottom of the screen in your account dashboard
  • Select ‘ Create New Card’,
  • Enter amount you would like the card to hold (note – minimum $5)
  • Enter your pin to complete the transaction.
  • To further use the card, use the ‘add money’ feature to fund the card.

Barter Virtual Card

Barter is a product of Flutterwave based in Nigeria but also operate in Uganda as well. This service offer free debit card to Ugandan to shop online safely.
Additionally, barter app can also be used to buy Airtime, data and pay utility bills. The Virtual Card is also created on the app. The service virtual cards are cheap to create and you’ll have more control over your spending.
We have digested more about barter card and Flutterwave, learn more here.

How to Create Barter Virtual Debit Card

  • Sign up or Login to your barter account
  • Fund your barter account
  • On the dashboard home page, Click on ‘Card’
  • Then click on ‘Create New Card’,
  • Choose whether to create with a multifunction or a platform specific card.
  • Fund your barter dollar card.

Chipper Cash Virtual Debit Card

The Chipper Cash App is also available in Uganda and they offer free virtual card.

How to get Chipper Cash Virtual Card

  • Login to your Chipper Cash account
  • In the homepage, click on ‘Card’ button
  • Create a new card
  • Fund the card from your Chipper Cash wallet.
  • You can withdraw back your fund from the card to your wallet if you dicide not to use it.

Platform to Get Virtual Credit Card in Uganda

Here are list of best fintech companies to get virtual credit card in Uganda.
  1. Payoneer
  2. StandChartered


This is a fintech company that offer free virtual credit card to her users. As an Ugandan looking for where to get credit card online, I can recommend Payoneer. PayPal is the best alternative to Payoneer when talking about offering of online credit cards.

How to Create Payoneer Virtual Credit Card

  • Login to your Payoneer account
  • Go-to ‘settings’ — ‘card management’,
  • Click order a card and follow the instructions


Is a bank in Uganda that offers Virtual Credit Card. They also offer physical ATM card but the information of both are different.
The virtual cards are used online while the physical ones are use at the ATM center or POS terminal.
Aside from card name and aesthetic, the card number and CVV are also different. Read the best credit card to pay off bills monthly.
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