Square has make CashApp Available for Teen Use

Cash App is now available for Teen use. But parental permission is needed to use it and no Bitcoin trading.

CashApp now available for use for Teens
Square has not lifted the limit put on the adult to use CashApp. However, age 13 to 17 will need permission from their parents or guardians to use the app.
They will be able to send money to each other and get discount on some purchases. Teen are also allowed to use Cash App Visa debit card called Cash Card to checkout and pay for goods.
The Cash Card can be added to Amazon Pay or Google Pay, they will also receive the physical version of the card.
Teen have permission to customized the card to their preferable, choose a color or stamp, draw on it, or make it glow in dark. Making changes in cash card cost $5. ATM charges might be applied.

Cash App is now available to everyone 13+, with parent or guardian approval. Send, save, and design your own debit card. #CashApp13Plus

— Cash App (@CashApp) November 3, 2021

Square has set some limit on those teen account. Their parents or guardians will have access to their transactions record, including transfer and infact, they can close down a teen account and thier cash card at anytime.


Parents or Guardians are legal owner the account and teen (aged 13 to 17) will be classified as authorized user.
Furthermore, teen users will be locked out of some certain features in Cashapp, such as Bitcoin trading or access the investing feature, borrow money, check deposit, paper money deposit and cross-border payment.
Also, they won’t be allowed to use their cash card at certain Businesses center such as bar, car rental company or hotels.
To perfume/access all the restricted features in the app, teens will be required to enter their parents information when their signing up for a cash card or sending a peer-to-peer payment from their account balance. CashApp will then contact teen’s parents or guardians for approval.
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