The Real Reason Why no Arsenal Men Player was Nominated for Balon Dor

We all agree Arsenal have been inconsistent in terms of form for the past few years right?

Well that doesn’t mean they don’t have quality players at their disposal capable of being nominated for Balon Dor. Yes most have been playing really averagely but few players like Tierney and Bukayo Saka really Deserved a spot in the Balon Dor Nomination if a player like Neymar who didn’t really do any to merit the Nomination was awarded.

Well this is just an opinion I think the decline Arsenal have suffered for the past few years have limited the chances of any player associated with Arsenal football club from getting to the very top in the footballing world.

The only solution to this Currently lies in the hands of Mikel Arteta as his Tactical approach to the game will either build Arsenal or Mar them.

If Arsenal can get back to winning ways there is no way players from Arsenal won’t get Nominated for awards that matter in the footballing world like the Balon Dor irrespective of their performance.

London rivals (Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur) had some of their players listed in the Balon Dor ranking.

Players like Ceser Azipiculeta, Mason mount, Kante, Jorginho, Harry Kane were Nominated for the award although Lionel Messi won it on the ground of winning the Copa America Trophy for his country Argentina (the first international Trophy in his long productive career).

Lewandoski came second despite being on some unreal form last season although he couldn’t win it because all he won with that form was the Bundesliga and it would be an insult to the award if it was awarded to someone who won only a league title that the competition isn’t competitive.

Jorginho came third even though many wondered how he got nominated for the award despite not pulling any standout performance in both club and Country.

Well I think this is where I’ll drop my pen. Arsenal really need to set up their game if they which to get to the heights the invincibles once where in.

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