Arteta Painfully Reveals the main Reasons behind arsenal woeful loss against Liverpool

While many would have ruled Liverpool out of the game before the match even started due to klopp never taking domestic cups serious, Liverpool turned out to pull a suprise on arsenal as they got a 2-0 win and also rendering some arsenal players as scapegoats for the loss.

Who were behind the loss?

Mikel arteta was a bit rusty in his decision making tactically but we shouldn’t put all the blame on him these players are paid outrageous wages just to run around a pitch for 90 mins with 15 mins of break.

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Thomas partey was one of those people scapegoated by arsenal supporters after the match as they termed to be a bit rusty in the middle of the pitch and also questioned if he has been a liability for arsenal ever since signing from atletico Madrid.

He was also handed a red card shortly after coming on for Emile Smith Rowe.

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Another player that was criticized was Aaron Ramsdale. He was even spotted in a video to have given Liverpool the first goal in a platter of gold. Watch that video HERE.

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What did Mikael Arteta Say?

He noted that he was happy with the young players as he saw this as an opportunity to give them a chance to win a trophy by actually contributing unfortunately that didn’t happen.

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