See how Arsenal can beat Tottenham on Derby day

See How Arsenal can win Tottenham on Derby day.

Arsenal were preparing for the first leg of their Carabao Cup semi-final against Liverpool, which was set to take place on Thursday. Instead, the visitors were successful in their appeal, and the game was postponed.

Some Arsenal fans have expressed their displeasure, claiming that the Reds’ other absences should not be taken into account because the Reds only had three known players absent from Covid – more are believed to have tested positive since then.

However, they are unable to produce a first team, and their disappointment originates primarily from the fact that they were unable to play a severely weakened Liverpool side. That is the reality. If the situation were reversed, there would be a similar outcry for a postponement.

In any event, the show must go on, and Mikel Arteta’s side must prevail.
They were laughable in the first half, as they crumbled in every fight and surrendered to Chelsea’s high energy levels. The formation change worked for Thomas Tuchel’s team, and they appeared ruthless.

Spurs failed to lay a glove on their opponents, and Ben Davies’ hilarious own goal will be on every highlight reel.

However, the score is only 2-0. It’s close to the perfect outcome for Arsenal.

After having their first leg postponed until Thursday, January 13, Arsenal will face Tottenham in the North London Derby, which is, needless to say, a huge match for the club. The distance is closing, and Spurs have games in hand, so Arsenal can’t be losing ground at this point in the season.See how Arsenal can beat Tottenham on Derby day

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