Best bank for small business in nigeria (2022 Updated)

What do small business owners need the best banks in Nigeria for? Well many Small business owner’s need the very best of the best banks that can offer them quick loans, a bank that has no online transaction issue and a bank account that can send money and receive money without hanging.

You don’t want to get in a situation where a customer/client orders something from your business and gives you a payment receipt and you can’t confirm the payment on time due to your current bank delay in processing payment.

That can bring a whole lot of headache for a small business owner..

I will be listing the banks in no particular order that I think are the best for Small business owner’s in Nigeria, you wouldn’t want to Miss out on this article.

So grab a bucket of popcorn let’s get into this..

  • FCMB (First City Monument Bank)

best banks for Small business owner's in Nigeria

Talk about Swift transaction and a bank app that has almost everything you as a small business owner would need without the need of going to the bank for every single complain.

Though fcmb is not a bank without its own con (disadvantage). While I know for sure that their bank app is pretty solid and can take care of everything and anything you need without stepping your foot at the banking hall, Should you need to go the the bank do expect to Stay there unattended to for ages.

Their customer service team at their physical banking halls are quite annoying they make it feel like they are doing you a favor for you having an account with the bank.

What about the Advantages of owning an Fcmb account as a business?

Like I mentioned above their app can take care of anything you need without the need of going to the physical banking hall.

You can process loans with the app, transactions is fast and smooth using the app.

Interested in getting an account with fcmb? Register through this link

  • AccessBank

Best bank for small business owners for quick loan's

A bank with class, for online business owners that have domiciliary accounts with them they actually feel special because normal Nigerian banks take approximately 3-4 days to Process international transactions whereas Access bank gets it processed in just 2 days maximum.

About getting loans through the bank and the ease of using their banking app I can’t really vouch for them because I haven’t used the app or have I gotten a loan from them.

Judging from the experience of my friends that have an account with Access bank I can tell you with my head standing tall that, Access bank is an account you definitely want to open as a small business owner.

Judging from all these are you interested in opening a AccessBank account if yes register through this link or Continue on our review on UBA

  • UBA

UBA transaction processing speed for small business owners

I personally have used this bank and I can tell you that you will enjoy the bank due to it swiftness in processing transactions and also uba mastercards can be used to run ad like Facebook ads which you will love as a small business owner who depend on using paid platforms like Facebook to get customers.

Aside from the swiftness in processing transactions and the card being acceptable anywhere online expect to always visit the bank as their mobile app is very basic and their customer support team over call are not really helpful.

You can create an online account with UBA using this link if you are interested in getting an account with them.

Well this is where I will say bye in this article as I have given my thorough review on the best banks for small business owners in Nigeria as I mentioned banks like Fcmb, Access bank and UBA in no particular order.

I hope to see you on this site though we talk finance and football here in this site.

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