“He’s getting Clean Sheets for fun” Ex Arsenal Goalie Announces Chelsea Goalkeeper as Best in the World

“Well its not about winning trophies but i think mendy is doing well” Was the first line of sentence said by Emiliano Martinez as he was asked who the best Goalkeeper in world is currently.

“[Edouard] Mendy. He’s having clean sheets for fun. He’s winning everything. He’s having a wonderful season again. I like his story… the fact he is winning everything now, hard works pays off.”

Those were the words said by Ex Arsenal Goalkeeper Emi Martinez as he spoke highly of Mendy story from coming really Underrated and delivering top class performances on a consistent level in the epl.

Mendy at 22 was without a club, but that didn’t deter his dream to realising his future to win the champions league and club world cup for Chelsea being the first choice Goalkeeper and having the most expensive Goalkeeper in the world as his backup.

Without any doubt Eduoard Mendy is undeniably the best Goalkeeper in the world.