How Chelsea can Avoid being frozen alongside Abramovich assets – Lawyer Explains

The Russian billionaire became the latest to be sanction by the uk government.

Chelsea alongside his other assets in the united kingdom has been frozen for reasons been that he obtained benefit or rather supported the Russian government financial and mutually according tothe statement on the Government website

Although Chelsea being frozen mean they can no longer participate in any business that require finance e.g Extending Contracts, buying players, selling players also selling tickets.

Even at that they can still play matches but cannot sell tickets to the stadium.

According to some lawyers he has until 6 months to sell the club “As per the economic crime bill, people under sanction have 6 months to sell assets once they have been sanctioned but an amendment to this bill is being debated about shortening the 6 months to 1 month”

This is definitely a bad time to be a Chelsea fan.


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