Manchester UnitedMatch highlights

(Video) Maguire uses his Head to Uproot Ronaldo Teeth During Corner Kick Vs Atletico Madrid

Maguire was a Shadow of himself against the defending la Liga champions as he stuck Ronaldo tooth with his head during a Corner Kick.

Manchester United lost the match 1-0 as they were unable to raise up to the occasion and convert any chance against Atletico Madrid in their Round of 16 Ucl tie.

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In an attempt to get the ball and hopefully convert it into a chance for Manchester United, Maguire prevented that from happening as he used his head to help the opposition when he blocked his teammate (Ronaldo) from getting close to converting an header.

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Not only was Maguire was poor in the match, Fred too was a disaster during the game.

Watch the video of when Maguire Helped Atletico Madrid (Spanish Burnley as termed by Trey on twitter) Win their first match against a Ronaldo led team in the UCL.


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