Tuchel Sends Ruthless Message to Rival fans that Waited for Chelsea downfall against Norwich

Tuchel gives his press conference raw he doesn’t see the need to brand words and that is what has been his principle for many years now, though it has landed him in trouble severally as he got sacked from Borussia Dortmund and Psg due to his immense audacity in front of the press and the board.

Yesterday it was made known that Chelsea was to become a frozen asset after Roman Abramovich got sanctioned by the UK government.

To make matter worse the club Sponsors started suspending their sponsorship agreement with the club, the latest that joined that list was “3” their shirt Sponsors, they even demanded their logo be removed immediately. That was before the Norwich game which was an impossibility due to the fact Chelsea store had closed operation following the sanction.

To make it good for Chelsea fans yesterday Chelsea eventually won the match against Norwich 3-1 which put smiles in the face of Chelsea fans around the world.

To make it more fun for Chelsea fans Tuchel during his press conference said this as a message to rival fans  “Rival fans who stayed up all night hoping to laugh at Chelsea can go to sleep now”.

What a night for Chelsea fans.