Ziyech Sends Hilarious Message to UK Government Following Unlawful Sanction on Chelsea and Abramovich

Its no longer new that Chelsea are the most h*ted club in England. Chelsea was frozen alongside Abramovich assets and that brought about mixed reactions in the world of football on how sports had anything to do with politics.

Chelsea credit cards were also frozen to the point that the club could not afford fueling its own team bus.

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What did Hakim Ziyech do in Response to the injustice laid on Chelsea

Even with the tension flowing in the atmosphere Hakim Ziyech doesn’t feel tensed as he wrote this in his instagram Handle “Tell them to keep rhe same energy”.

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That was a direct dig on the uk government as they were too forward in their approach of handling Abramovich sanction.

How would Chelsea sanction affect the Government

Chelsea sanction would definitely affect the uk government in the future as investors would be wary to buy assets in the country due to uncertainty of times like this, just like what happened to Roman Abramovich.

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