Manchester United

“Terminate Cavani Contract” Fans Angrily Give Verdict on Striker Constant Injury Excuses

There has never been a time where Edison Cavani played straight 4 games in a row for Manchester United without some certain injury Excuses.

Manchester United recent 1-1 draw against Leicester City made fans give their final decision on Cavani future at the club. They want the board to terminate his contact as he hasn’t played to the hype expected of him since he joined the club from Psg on a free transfer.

One thing to note is that the striker is 35 years old and much shouldn’t be expected from him.

Fans Opinions

  • I still remember people said “cavani better signing for us than zlatan”Just say you don’t like the manager who brought zlatan in
  • Mocking it by picking up an injury? I’m sorry you feel frustrated by his injury record but how tf is that Cavani mocking his contract? You can’t expect a 35 yo to be fit all the time. Ron and Zlat are exceptions to the rule and set the bar too high. Lower your expectation mate.
  • United signed a player in his mid 30s. Most people would have wanted him to stay for this season after his last one. It was a risk. I’d be very surprised if he was so unprofessional as to feign lack of fitness.
  • Cavani only ever wanted to stay for one season. Ole should have let him leave during the summer. He’s taking the absolute piss now. I don’t understand why we’re giving 35 year olds huge contracts…
  • he literally got injured playing with Uruguay you can look it up.
  • And when he has played (Villa and Burnley away) his performances have been nothing short of embarrassing