How to Create and Verify A Cash App Account in Nigeria (2022 Updated Step by Step Guide)

Here is a quick guide on how to open a verified cash app account in Nigeria. Cash App is a reliable, good and secure international payment method. After this tutorial, you will be able to use cash app in Nigeria to send and receive money from, and to US or UK.

How to Open and Verify Cash App Account in Nigeria.

Cashapp Nigeria

Few days back, when I was doing some search on Google about cash app, I discovered that my Nigerians are looking for easiest way to open and verify cash app account in Nigeria plus how to download cash app in Nigeria. So I decided to write this tutorial to solve people’s problems regarding cash app queries on Google. Check the table of contents.

What is Cash App

The Cash App is a legit payment platform, that was developed by square in October, 2013, allowing users to send, receive and request money all by using almighty $cashtag.
The P2P payment platform services are mobile app’s, that is, it is based on mobile phone application before it can be used.

Is Cash App Available in Nigeria?

No, the payment service is not available to Nigerians. Due to high level of scam in Nigeria, some payment platform like PayPal and Cash app restricted their services from Nigeria and some other Africa countries.
The Cash app service is available to the United State (US) and United Kingdom (UK) with over 36 million users.
So what we do now is to know how cash app will work in Nigeria. Don’t get panic, I got you covered.

How do I open Cash App in Nigeria?

Before going to that, what are the requirements to open, verify and use cash app in Nigeria? Cash app is only available to U.S and U.K, that doesn’t mean the rest of the world can’t use the platform it’s just a matter of trick and tactics. This will lead us to the equipment and tools that will be used open Cash app account in Nigeria.

Requirements for opening and Verifing Cash app account in Nigeria.

Below are tools needed to open a verified cash app in Nigeria.
  • A Good VPN that has U.S server enabled
  • A valid and working email address
  • Working U.S Mobile Phone Number
  • CashApp mobile application.

How to open and Verify Cash app account in Nigeria?

All you need to do now is follow the below step by step guide to successfully open a verified cash app account in Nigeria. And the step 1 is..

1. Find a good VPN that has U.S server enabled

This tool is used to change location of your device when opening the cashapp account. You may use melon or pia VPN and it can be downloaded from any of the app stores Available.

2. A Valid and Working Email Address

I will advice you to create a new email address from Google mail (Gmail) and exclude your mobile number.

3. Working U.S Mobile Number

This tool will be used to verify your account, with the U.S phone number, your account will not be activated. You can get a working U.S phone number from Talkatone. If you can’t get on on the app store you can contact us via our Telegram link below.

4. CashApp mobile application

This is the most essential tool when opening a cash app account. The service only based on mobile application and not on web at all. So, the next question that will come to your mind is ‘how to download cash app in Nigeria‘. Don’t panic, we got you covered. Download the CashApp here.

Now let’s open your CashApp account.

Follow the steps below to verify your CashApp account.
  • Launch and open the app
  • Before opening the app, turn on your VPN
  • Choose to sign up using email address or phone number.
  • I will advice to sign up using email and later verify your account using mobile number
  • A six digit confirmation code will be sent your email or phone number, enter the code and proceed.
  • On the next page, it will display your current location. Since your VPN is turned to United States, confirm and continue.
  • On the next screen, you be asked to enter your debit card or credit card, skip it and proceed with the account opening
  • Next, enter your full name
  • Choose a unique $Cashtag. People pay you through this tag.
  • Next, enter your address. This must be a U.S address and it must be a real address. Search Google for U.S real address and it’s zip code (here is an example of real address ‘335 Fremont road, San Francisco. Plus zip code, 94105)
At this juncture, you CashApp account is ready for modification/change. Go-to personal settings, here you can add your profile, address, phone number, cashtag, and also change from personal account to business account.
Now your Nigeria cash app is ready to receive and send money. You can now begin to share your cashtag to client and get paid.
Note- this is a new cash App Account and it’s not fully verified, so you will experience some transactions limit. When your account is reviewed and approved, you will experience no transactions limit.

Transactions Limit For Nigeria Cash App.

For newly CashApp in Nigeria or other restricted countries are Limited in transactions. You will be able to send up-to £250 within some random 7-days period, and receive up-to £500 in 7-days period. If you send or receive funds more than the stipulated limit, you will be prompt to verify your cashapp account with your full name, Virtual address and date of birth (DOB) in other to keep your account secure.
Note : The above statements was declared in cash app official website ‘The sending and receiving limits’. Meanwhile, you can withdraw your money via Bitcoin methods. What is the essences of getting paid and won’t be able to cash it out?
Here is how to withdraw your fund through Bitcoin on CashApp.

How to withdraw from CashApp in Nigeria through Bitcoin

As I said earlier that ‘only U.S credit/debit cards are allowed to be added to CashApp’. Therefore, you cannot add your Nigeria debit or credit card to the account. Since you are not in the U.S and you need to utilize CashApp, the next option is Bitcoin withdrawal.
The CashApp Bitcoin withdrawal is available to all countries. With it, you will be able to withdraw as high as $2000 and receive up-to $5000 per week as threshold for the Bitcoin withdrawal.
Using Cashapp card cashout, you will be able to withdraw as high as $25,000 per week. Before you can withdraw funds via Bitcoin in Nigeria, Cashapp will ask for certain details for verification and this where the challenges lies to withdraw from, and getting a working Cash App Account in Nigeria. You must be extremely careful when providing your details during this verification.

Tips and How to Verify Cash App Account in Nigeria

These methods you’re about to read will get your cashapp account limitations lifted. So, you will be able to send and receive any amount at any period. And I want you to know that CashApp are sensitive when it comes to documents verification, so you have to be extraordinarily careful. Follow the steps below to get your Cashapp account fully verified.

How to verify Cash App Account?

  1. They request for Identity card (such as International passport, Driver’s license, Voters card or School ID card. Scan it properly and submit for verification.
  2. You will be asked to provide your phone number. Note – this must be U.S based phone number. Get yours virtually or contact us if your stucked.
  3. They will definitely ask for your social security number. You can get this from any citizen in the U.S and please note, if you are doing this, your details must match with the ones on the SSN.
If you can provide all these documents requested from CashApp, be rest assured that your limitations will be lifted and you Cash App is fully verified.
Verifing Cash App Account for non United States citizen isn’t easy at all unless you are an internet genius when it comes to submitting fake documents. Here, I will share some other ways to verify CashApp account.

Alternative way to verify CashApp account in Nigeria.

The only alternative and best way to verify CashApp account in Nigeria and other non U.S residence is to ask trusted person in the United States to provide his/her documents information that will tally for you doing the CashApp verification.
This is my little knowledge about ‘ how to open and verify Cash app account in Nigeria ‘ I hope this helps, feel free to ask questions in the comment box. I promise to respond as soon as possible.
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