Moniepoint Review 2023: Commission, Charges Pos Price and all you need to Know about Moniepoint Pos

Moniepoint is the best mobile money agency company and best POS agency in Nigeria when it comes to fast, reliable, secure and trusted transactions.


When it come to agency banking, you should know that its available to provide you financial services instead of going to bank. In this case, moniepoint POS terminal is the secure and reliable agent to do that.

Below are what I’m going to discuss in this article. You can click-jump to read any of the sections.

What is Moniepoint Agency?

Moniepoint company is one of the largest mobile money platform in Nigeria. It offers secure and fast transactions within the country.

As a moniepoint agent, you will be eligible to provide financial services such as cash transfer, cash withdrawal, airtime top up, pay bills to your customers and make money through the transaction charges.

Moniepoint offer fast and reliable POS (point of sale) terminal, you can’t encounter any forms of problem when you use moniepoint POS.

  • Many people complain about how some POS machine debit their account and the POS man didn’t get credited. If such thing happened, as a POS man, will you release the money when you haven’t get credited? No, this has caused many disastrous at POS terminals.
  • This issues is mainly caused by poor network by either agent pos network or by customers banks network. But moniepoint POS will never give such problems and if it happened, as an moniepoint agent, you will contact moniepoint teams and they will reach the customer bank for reversal of the money. So, you don’t need to visit the bank in the process.
  • As we all know that when you have problem with POS terminal, about debiting without receiving money, when you go to bank, you will face though and time consuming protocols.
  • That should be enough reasons for you to choose best and secure money platform where they can attend to your issues without going to bank.
  • How does moniepoint POS works?
  • Moniepoint POS was launched to provide financial services to customer without stress or needs to go to banks. With moniepoint POS, you can send money, receive money, saga money, buy airtime and pay bills.
  • As an agent, you can make money as a small business owner running moniepoint POS terminal. You will be able to provide financial support to customer and make money through the transaction Agent.
  • How to become a Moniepoint Agent.
  • Among others, moniepoint agent has the simplest form of registration.
  • All you have to do is to visit,¬†Then sign up using the agent registration form.
  • After signing up, wait for 48hrs, moniepoint team will get in touch to you via your email or phone number.
  • After verification, visit moniepoint POS login to sign in to your dashboard.
    Moniepoint Agent registration form
  • You can easily get the form from moniepoint website fill in your correct details and wait for 2 working days for verification process from their teams.
  • How to apply for Moniepoint POS
  • Applying for Moniepoint POS machine needs some personal information about your self and your business in the agent registration page before they can give you free POS terminal.


Moniepoint needs information such as:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Date of Birth(DOB)
  4. Gender
  5. Email address
  6. Username
  7. Phone number
  8. Mother Malden name
  9. Two address line
  10. Country and city of resident

But to complete your registration as a Moniepoint Agent, you need to provide this below in business information

  • Business License
  • Bank account
  • Utility bill of your residents
  • Bank verification number(bvn)
  • National identity cards

Your bvn is required to prove that the information you provide is correct and can be used for proper KYC(know your customers) documents.
All financial institutions in Nigeria needs for proof of your information with them, assigned by central bank of Nigeria (CBN).

How can I get moniepoint POS machine in 2023

To get your free moniepoint POS machine, follow the instruction I discussed above or contact moniepoint teams directly from any of their contact details, request for POS machine and they will guild you through the essential process.

How Much Is Moniepoint Pos Machine in 2023

Moniepoint POS machine price is currently¬†25,000 naira. They give free POS machine only if you meet up with their requirements. But if you can’t meet up, you will have to buy it with the sum of 25,000 Naira.

Moniepoint POS login

To access your moniepoint dashboard, visit and login with your details. Moniepoint login is also the same as moniepoint POS login in case for those that search such query.

Moniepoint customer care contact

Moniepoint offer 24/7 customer care service, you can contact them through any of the below details

Moniepoint WhatsApp number: +23408141500017, +23409093170000, +23409030009613

Moniepoint Email address:

Moniepoint office phone number: +23409030009613, +23409093170000, +23408141500017

Moniepoint Facebook Page:

Moniepoint Twitter account: https://twitter com/moniepoint

Moniepoint Instagram account:

Moniepoint Charges in 2023

How much is moniepoint withdrawal charges

Depending on the agent price, Moniepoint withdrawal charges shouldn’t exceed 100Naira for every 1000Naira to 10000Naira.

How much is moniepoint transaction charges

Moniepoint transaction charges also depends on platform you want to send to. But they deduct a fair amount of 20Naira for money sent to banks.

How much is moniepoint POS charges?

No extra bank charges, moniepoint POS charges is as low as 6.2 for every 1000Naira to 4000Naira. The higher the transaction, the higher the charges rate icommission.

Moniepoint bill payment commission

As a Moniepoint Agent, you will also get commission for every bill payment service you do for customers.

For data and airtime top up commission, you get:

  • 3% commission on MTN
  • 4% commission on Airtel
  • 4.5% commission on Etisalat
  • 4% commission on GLO

For TV subscription commission, you get:

  • 2% commission for DSTV
  • 2% commission for GoTV
  • 2% commission for Startime
  • 2% commission for Electricity

Where can I download Moniepoint application?

Moniepoint app can be download and installed at Google play store and appcombo.

  • Install Moniepoint app on Google play store
  • Download moniepoint app on appcombo

Many apps on these platform claiming same name as moniepoint app, but for sure app download, here are the app info:

  • Name: moniepoint official service
  • Size: 2Mb
  • Developer: TeamApp limited
  • Download by : 10,000+

How to upgrade your moniepoint KYC level

Moniepoint KYC simply means know your customers. The upgrading determine your daily transfer limit.

If you get an alert that say, ” your transaction has exceed the daily transaction limit” that mean you need to upgrade your KYC level 1.

To do the upgrading, kindly;

  1. Login to your moniepoint dashboard.
  2. Click on menu and tap on settings.
  3. You will see the current level you are, click on upgrade and provide necessary documents requested. That’s all.

And if you can do the upgrading yourself, kindly contact moniepoint teams for your KYC level upgrading.

Where is moniepoint head office address

Moniepoint Lagos address:

They are located and mapped at NO.12, sole ariyo street, lekki phase 1, Lagos state, Nigeria.

Does Moniepoint gives out loans?

Nope! For now, It does not give out loans to its customer. Moniepoint is money agent that gives financial services to the communities without need to go the bank.

What people are saying about moniepoint

Moniepoint review: Moniepoint is a legit mobile money platform in Nigeria. They focus on providing financial support to customer with else. No need for customers to go to bank when any error occurs, they do the needful them self by contacting the customer bank for reversal.

Moniepoint POS terminal is super impressive, no delay, no error, nice agent and lots more. As a Moniepoint Agent, you enjoy plenty offers provided by moniepoint company.

Let’s here what other people are saying in the comments box.

Do you have any question, opinion or correction? Please feel free to use the comments box below. Let’s hear your opinion about moniepoint.

How to unlock moniepoint terminal account

This normally happen when the agent input wrong pin three times. Here are simple ways to unlock your terminals without reaching to the support team.

  1. kindly login to
  2. Goto your agent profile
  3. Request for reset of pin
  4. Input your password
  5. Confirm the new pin
  6. Save changes and Restart the terminal
  7. Voila! Your terminal has been unlocked

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