Reece James Vs Trent Arnold Debate Officially Over as Liverpool Fullback Defensive Fragility get Exposed on the Biggest Stage

Trent Alexander Arnold has always been an excellent attacking full back but his defensive attributes have been far from OK as he has always been a terrible defender.

Recce James on the other hand is Excellent defensively and outstanding offensively which brings a big question given that both players are of same nationality being England. Who is the best right back in England?

During the UCLFinal in Paris where Real Madrid and Liverpool had to tussle for the prized trophy The only negative of the game was the situation where Trent Alexander Arnold disappointed his team by his defensive Fragility as Vinicius jnr got the better of him to slam in a perfect tapin from Federico Valvarde.

Prior to that moment Liverpool had the upper hand in the game and where very comfortable offensively as they got 9 shots on target that Real Madrid Goalkeeper did his best to keep out.

That instance where Trent Arnold failed to keep out Vinicius jnr from tapping in that ball has officially ended the debate for the best Full back in England as recce James tend to be the better from the two given his sharp defensive instinct and Excellent attacking attributes.

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