Top 10 Arsenal legends and what gave them their legendary status

Football is one the oldest games in life history, it is one of the games that attract millions of people from all over the world. In the field of football, you can be great in different ways whether it is at a single moment or over many years of dedication.

Throughout its history, Arsenal has been endowed with several outstanding football players. The fact that these players are cherished by Arsenal supporters on account of the contributions they have made to the Gunners’ cause is mind-blowing.

This article discusses the top 10 Arsenal legends and what gave them their legendary status

Top 10 Arsenal legends and what gave them their legendary status

1. Thierry Henry

Theirry Henry is widely recognized as the player who has scored the most goals in the history of Arsenal. However, there was so much more to his game than just scoring goals. It was all about deception, creativity, and elegance. Theirry was a talented artist in addition to being a skilled athlete.

He possesses a one-of-a-kind and extraordinary mix of physical and technical abilities, which combines to make him an absolute nightmare for defenders.

Henry’s return to the club for a spectacular second tenure to build his legacy was like something out of a lovely dream for the legions of adoring followers he has throughout the world.

2. Dennis Bergkamp

This is one of the icons Arsenal has. Along with Arsene Wenger, Bergkamp is the man most credited with transforming the perception of Arsenal under his imaginative leadership, becoming one of the most impressive football clubs in the Premier League. He has helped Arsenal scale so many heights.

3. Patrick Vieira

Patrick Vieira was the complete midfielder. His awesome legs did not only make him an adept ball-winner but also allowed him to stride away from tacklers with relative ease.

He was a winner as well as a leader. Vieira took up the captaincy from Tony Adams in 2003/04 and led the team to an undefeated season.
Vieira has since then begun his coaching career with Manchester City.

4. Tony Adams

Tony Adams, was a one-club man who for nearly two decades was the living embodiment of the club’s spirit. He was an outstanding defender, but it was his leadership abilities that set him apart. He was one of Arsenal’s youngest captains and did not lose the honor until he retired.

Despite being George Graham’s loyal lieutenant, Adams assisted in the transition to Arsene Wenger’s leadership, adapting his game to the Frenchman’s style. His unquestionable ability was demonstrated by his capacity to reinvent himself.

5. Alex James

Although Alex James was famous for his baggy shorts, he was more than just a figure of fun. James was widely considered to be one of the most talented people in his era. James was an inside forward for the team that Herbert Chapman coached.

His Arsenal team included notables such as Cliff Bastin, Ted Drake, and David Jack, and he served as the team’s principal creator. Like the Dutchman Dennis Bergkamp, James was not a prolific goalscorer during his playing career.

This makes the comparison between the two players from the modern era the most important and appropriate one. Despite this, both players possessed an innate awareness of the game as well as a natural aptitude for its technical aspects.

6. Ian Wright

Ian Wright simply loved goals, he wasn’t fussy, he’d score them all: headers, tap-ins, chips, and outrageous volleys. That single-mindedness briefly made him the highest goal scorer in Arsenal history.

For a spectacular talent like Thierry Henry to collect the baton from Wright means the latter is an exceptional legend.

7. Liam Brady

Undoubtedly, Liam Brady’s peculiar style of playing shows that he is a born star. As it was, he stood heads above his Arsenal teammates throughout his time at the club. Brady’s left foot was a wonder.

He would handle passes other teammates wouldn’t dream of and execute them to perfection. The Irishman was a one-of-a-kind talent, and his departure was a bitter pill to swallow for the club.

8. Robert Pires

Robert Pires brought gain flair to the Arsenal midfield. He was a creative player with an obvious passion for his club and football.

Cutting on from the left flank, his link-up play with Thierry Henry and Ashley Cole was a joy to behold every night, back in the world football feared facing that electric trio.

9. Cliff Bastin

He may have been a star of the 1930s but it took until 1977 for Ian Wright to break his Arsenal goal-scoring records, until that point, Bastin’s tally of 178 goals was the highest in Arsenal history.

He was a terrific finisher, and defenses all across the land feared him because of it. Since Bastin was losing his speed at the end of his career, he was forced to transition from a striker who was aggressive to one who was more creative.

However, he possessed the skill and knowledge necessary to flourish in the character he was cast in.

10. David Seaman

One of the best-ranked goalkeepers in the history of Arsenal is David Seaman. He had everything you’d want, he had athleticism, positional intelligence, and unerring calmness.

Along with Steve Bould, Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Lee Dixon, and Nigel Winterburn, Seaman formed part of the best defense in Europe. The amiable Yorkshireman even ended his service with Arsenal by guiding them to victory in the 2003 FA cup final.


Arsenal is one of the clubs that has one of the best football players. We have learned about the top 10 Arsenal legends and what gave them their legendary status. As we have seen, every top football player in Arsenal has a unique feature that helped him reach the top.

Even more surprisingly, leadership skills prove to be important in helping to raise footballers to the top. You just need to recognize the traits that make you special and figure out how to put them to work for you. Everyone has characteristics that set them apart from others.

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