Just In: Hear What Ousmane Dembele Said as he Officially Responds to Chelsea

The Barcelona Winger has been Reported to have Officially Signed a Move to Chelsea by h_grimes on Twitter but it seems like the Winger mind is far from even stepping his feet in London.

While In his car one could hear a passers-by asking him if he wanted a move to Chelsea and if he would want a Reunion with Tuchel but he instead said he was happy being a barca player and Dismissed Rumours of him leaving the club as a free Agent aft the end of this Month.

In English what was Said was this; Dembele Are you Staying at Barca? He replied Yes.

The Person Asking the Question then said “But I heard you are in your way to join Chelsea” Dembele then Laughed.

He was then Asked if he would like a Reunion with Tuchel at Chelsea he further responded That he is happy staying at Barca.

In Other News De Jong has Officially made his thoughts on His proposed move to Manchester United known Read more on that Story and watch a video as he finally made his transfer stance known.

Just In: Hear What De Jong Said as he Officially Responds to Man United