VIDEO: Watch Arsenal 40-year-old Boss Mikel Arteta’s killer move during preseason training in Germany. He no doubts still have some manoeuvring skills in him.

Arsenal’s manager Mikel Arteta who is currently at the Adidas Home Ground camp in Herzogenaurach Germany for a preseason training trip has shown that he can take on his players and has not lost his touch on the pitch. In a video that emerged from the training camp in Herzogenaurach, Arteta showed that his unique skill and technical intelligence have not depreciated over the years. The present boss who was once Arsenal’s professional star player balled for renowned clubs like Everton FC, Real Sociedad, Scottish club Rangers, French Paris Saint-Germain and football club Barcelona. Before retiring and taking up coaching in 2016, Mikel Arteta Amatriain played five good seasons for the Gunners and is the first person to win the FA Cup both as Arsenal club captain and Coach. Watch his skilful manoeuvre below.