BREAKING DEAL: The signing of 33 year old striker is considered a DONE DEAL!!!

According to multiple reports, Robert Lewandowski is set to secure a move to Barcelona today or tomorrow. Some reports even claimed that Robert Lewandowski is a travelling to USA to have his medical training.

Well, all of this stories are just yet rumours. The only sure news is that Bayern Munich have accepted Barcelona’s offer of €50m for Robert Lewandowski.

Barcelona have pursued Lewandowski for a good five months. Lewandowski’s transfer to Barcelona has been ongoing since early February. Bayern Munich still stood on their ground until now.

Bayern Munich have given in to the release of Lewandowski to Barcelona. Bayern Munich initially insisted on Lewandowski finishing his contract with them but have now agreed to let him go according to his wish.

Lewandowski is set to sign a 3 year contract with Barcelona. Barcelona are even willing to offer him an additional year if he agrees and is termed “optional”.