JUST IN: 33 Year Old Player is ready to Leave his Current Club to join Barcelona

According to recent updates 33 year old striker Robert Lewandowski still has the burning desire to play for Barcelona as he is getting intense.

Bayern Munich are still adamant about releasing Robert Lewandowski to any club most especially Barcelona. Lewandowski has stayed for 8 years in Bayern Munich but still has 1 year left in his contract with Bayern Munich.



Lewandowski now wants to leave Bayern Munich, but Bayern still insisting that he must finish his contract with them. However Bayern Munich sporting director Hasan Salihadmic is still confident that Bayern Munich can get Lewandowski to renew his contract with them.

Lewandowski however has made it crystal clear to Bayern Munich that he is not intending to spend one more year in Germany most especially with Bayern Munich.

Robert Lewandowski’s plan was to play in Germany, Spain and USA but Bayern Munich want to spoil his plan by holding him in the Allianz Arena.




Bayern Munich are however considering selling Robert Lewandowski for €50m(£43.4m) to Barcelona. Lewandowski is quite aware of Barcelona’s financial status but he has declared that he is not interested in his money and is willing to play with Barcelona for “free“.