Mikel Arteta has revealed his plans and strategy for today’s match and what is to be expected by the players. 

With the Arsenal boss and his team winning all three pre-season matches, Mikel Arteta is keen on keeping the wins with today’s match against Orlando City and the forthcoming Chelsea clash in the Florida Cup Series. The boss confirmed that he has been doing a lot of experimenting with the boys and has also been working on building a winning mentality and fitness level. When asked about today’s match against Orlando City, he said  We’ve been watching [Orlando]; we watched the game they played last Saturday and the previous Saturday. The squad has evolved a lot in the last few years, and it is a beautiful stadium so it should make for a good match.”

He went on to say that “We need to get the right impression and the right understanding, and then we start to be better as a team. They’re very talented, but at every point, every game has to be won.”

Playing against the teams has been an instrument of preparation with the start of the new season drawing near. The match will take off today at 7:30 pm Eastern Time Zone/Thursday 00:30 West Africa Standard Time at The Orlando City’s Exploria Stadium.

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