VIDEO: Arsenal’s goalkeeper Matt Turner welcomes another Goalkeeper to the club. Says it’s nice to finally have another American in the Club.

Matthew Charles Turner has officially welcomed Arsenal’s newest player in the club and fellow goalkeeper. Turner who came to Arsenal a few months ago from Major league soccer club New England Revolution has gotten himself acquainted with the club and environment. He made his first appearance during the club’s preseason match and came out victorious.

The English man welcomed the new female Arsenal goalkeeper Kaylan Marckese. In a face time video between the two players, Turner welcomed her saying “it’s nice to have another American on board in Arsenal and congratulations”. He went on to ask if she had any challenges or concerns since her stay in England.

The 24-year-old English woman was signed from Danish football club HB Køge on Monday and is really excited about starting a new home in North London. Below is a video of the two goalkeepers conversing for the first time and getting familiar.