VIDEO: Chelsea’s Boss Thomas Tuchel confesses that Arsenal is no doubt on another level physically/mentally and they are lacking behind. There are indeed levels to these things!!

Mikel Arteta has made clear indications that they will be ready to bring on a fight this season as they have effortlessly fought their way all through their pre-season matches. Chelsea took a hit to the wall when they faced Arsenal last week in a friendly battle and were lashed four goals to nothing.

Thomas Tuchel speaking in a recent interview commended the Arsenal team and stated clearly that the blues with the performance they pulled on Saturday are definitely behind Arsenal. He went ahead to talk about their in-house drama which is a major cause of worry and distraction to his boys.

He spoke more on the Gunners’ level of commitment and approach and how their mental mindset helped them in achieving all they have. Below is a full clip of Tuchel expressing himself concerning Arsenal.