WATCH!!!! Pedri Gonazalez funny reaction to his new jersey number as he brings back memories of club legend Andres Iniesta

Pedri Gonazalez who has recently been likened to club legend Andres Iniesta. Pedri Gonazalez is the chosen one to trace Iniesta. It has been observed that Pedri acts and plays football like Andres Iniesta.

Pedri Gonazalez who has been handed the legacy of Iniesta has also been handed a boost by giving him the number 8 jersey.


As we all know, Andres Iniesta also are that no. 8 jersey that has now been given to Pedri Gonazalez. Barcelona now expect Pedri Gonazalez to fill the vacancy of Andres Iniesta who no one has been able to replace.

So far Pedri Gonazalez has done well in the position of Andres Iniesta.