The Premiere League is back! Here are the top changes on games Substitution, Penalty rules, Taking the knee and others you didn’t know have been made and upgraded in the competition.

With the start of the league at hand, here are some changes you need to get familiar with about the competition and how it’s gonna be.

Five substitutions.

The total number of substitute players has been changed and raised to 5 starting this season. The substitution time will only be allowed on three occasions with the half time as an added chance and the 7 listed substitute players on the teamsheet have been increased to 9.

Match officials.

With the retirement of some prominent and familiar premier league referees like Martin Atkinson, Jonathan Moss and Mike Dean other referees like Tom Bramall have been promoted. He will be the Premier League main guy alongside new faces like Nick Greenhalgh, Natalie Aspinall and a host of others as they will be assisting him.

Penalty rules.

Previously the rule has been clear when taking a penalty, the goalkeeper is required to have at least one foot on/above the goal line as having one foot in front of the goalline and one behind is technically an offence. The rule has been changed to  “When the ball is kicked, the defending goalkeeper must have at least part of one-foot touching, or in line with, or behind, the goalline.”

Change in offside.

IFAB has clarified and explained what “deliberately playing” by defending players is. They explained that “’Deliberate play’ is when a player has control of the ball with the possibility of passing the ball to a team-mate, gaining possession of the ball, or clearing the ball. If the pass, attempt to gain possession or clearance by the player in control of the ball is inaccurate or unsuccessful, this does not negate the fact that the player ‘deliberately played’ the ball.” Therefore an offside attacker will automatically become onside if a defender saves the ball and not touches it.

Taking the knee.

Premiere League club captains have decided to take the knee during the opening and last matches of the season. Match rounds around October and March, Boxing Day and the FA Cup and EFL Cup finals will be dedicated to the campaign against racism in football and society at large.

Multi-ball System.

A new system has been introduced to help cut down time wasted and improve time spent due to the delay in getting the balls back to the pitch. 10 match balls will be used in a game as one will be played on the pitch. The remaining 8 will be placed on cones next to a ball assistant and one will be with the fourth official. However, the referees have been instructed to award yellow cards or return to the one-ball system if the new system is been abused by anyone, especially the home team.

Premier League 2.

Finally, the age range for the Premier League 2 competition has been changed from Under -23 to Under-21. This means that clubs and coaches will be allowed to use previously age-cancelled players as this new rule is present to help create a better connection with the EFL Trophy and international competitions.

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